Been using HTML since the early 1990. I’ve seen every phase of websites from where people used HTML just send quizzes to people with form boxes. Yeah, I’m old, deal.

I’ve worked in the industry for some major companies like Earthnet, WebVision in LA designing database to web interfaces for get this, auction sites and the wonderful y2k money flowing industry. the .COM era I was king. I used to be one of maybe 100 people in the world that did this for a living to one of millions. Did the whole military thing for awhile, that wasn’t fun.

Past experience really doesn’t mean anything anymore does it? Every joe slacker and their high school buddy can design a functional website. The tools are available to do almost anything you want right now and you should capitalize on that.

Why choose me? I have no idea, it’s probably because I’ve spent my time specializing the last several years with WordPress and WPMU. Being on the dev team for the ComicPress theme. Creating sites and donating my time to help others achieve a better presentation on the net in order to make money doing what they love to do.

Some sites that i’ve worked on.

* Some of these were designs developed by the author in which I implemented into ComicPress. By giving me a image design of what you’re looking for I can find out what it will take to implement that vision into your site.