My Plugins

Theme Companion
Companion is a theme assistant in modifying CSS without editing your original theme’s code.

WordPress PHPFreeChat
The PHPFreeChat plugin for wordpress is a wrapper around phpfreechat, from This plugin allows you to have a chat room with your visitors to your site.

Recommended Plugins for ComicPress

ComicPress Manager
Manager is a plugin specifically for ComicPress, it allows for bulk editing, uploading, generating thumbnails and more, it’s a must have for ComicPress <= 2.9

Content Warning
If your website is adult in nature you might want to put a warning when someone enters the site that the nature of your content is for adults over 18, this plugin will do it nicely and works well with ComicPress.

Widget Logic
This plugin let’s you determine specifically what plugin goes on what page. If you want to just have the plugin show on the home page, etc. Works with in_comic_category()

<ul id=”cws-imp-plugin-list”>

<li class=”cws-imp-plugin”><a class=”cws-imp-plugin-title” href=”[implist_url]”>[implist_name]</a>
<p class=”cws-imp-plugin-description”>[implist_desc]</p>