What is it?

Custom Avatars are avatars that a user can create to replace the generic default blank ones for the commenting system.

Important Notes

The way Custom Avatars works is that it creates a specific static number based on either the ID or Email of the commenter then associates an image based on the percentage of how many images are in the directory. The more images the more different ones get assigned.

When you upload more avatars to be available, the % check changes and users will get reassigned new avatars, otherwise they keep the same one as long as they use the same ID or Email address when they comment.

How to use

If you are using a child theme.

  1. Create a directory in your child theme under the images directory in the child theme called avatars
    example: wp-content/comicpress-child/images/avatars/
  2. Under that avatars directory create a directory using a name that is relevant to what types of avatars they are, either your comic name or a set name.
    example: wp-content/themes/comicpress-child/images/avatars/myset/
  3. Toss whatever avatars you want into that directory, 64px X 64px images, .jpg .gif or .png.
  4. Go to the ComicPress Options and select that custom set name for your avatars.

Your users comments images if they do not have a gravatar will appear as one of those pictures that you created, the image that appears will be semi-permanent to that user based on an algorithm of their username and email they used and will only change if you add or delete images from that directory.