He guides me up the stairs and heads right to the first door on the left.  Opening it he motions me inside.

“This will be your room, we looked into your mind to find a style that you would like.” (Devlin)

The room is perfect, an oak canopy bed with flowing silk curtains, furniture that matches and an elegant Japanese embroided rug over the elegant wooden floors.  A closet and more.  Wait, did he say we?

“There’s a bathroom across the hall so you’ll be close to it.  There are other bedrooms on this floor so you will be needing to share it in the future.  One you change into something more comfortable i’ll be waiting on the other side where Anatole is, his room is the first on the left. ” (Devlin)

“Did you say we? so you already have another assistant, how did you get clothes in my size.” (Aya)

That damn handsome man turns his face to the side to avoid me seeing him blush.

“Oh yeah, the other assistant doesn’t have a physical body but she’s a she so you don’t have to worry.” (Devlin)

He walks out of the room and closes the door, leaving me to my own thoughts.   Okay lets rummage through those drawers for clothes.

A little bit later I finally chose an outfit i’m comfortable with, a nice tank top a small well bra that fits me better than anything i’ve ever owned has, it’s material is very thing but very supportive, you can barely even see it under this top.  I found some black jeans that look very comfortable, new socks and some awesome black hightops that fit well with those jeans.

Leaving the room I head to the other side of the stairs which normally it shouldn’t take that long but this house is just huge.   It feels like i’m in a palace.   I reach the first door on the left and knock on the door.

“Come in!” (?)

I hear a boys voice from within.   As I enter I see the man sitting on the floor with the boy, they both playing with toy cars and trucks.

“Oh no! I forgot to pay my rent so I have to run to the bank!”  (Devlin)

The boy looks really confused with what he said but plays along anyways.   The God himself is playing with the boy.  If this was an anime my eyes would have flashing hearts come from the iris right now.

“Anatole, hey .. This is Aya, she’s going to be the one who looks after you while i’m working ok, don’t give me that sad face.  She’s nice!” (Devlin)

No God of Creation and Destruction that’s not what he’s sad about at all! He wants to play games with you!  Soon as I thought that I saw him look over with a smile and a nod like he gets it.  Did he read my mind.  Oh .. no.

“Hi Aya! I’m Anatole and over there is Toko!” (Anatole)

Toka? Toka who? I look over to where he’s pointing.  Sitting next to the dresser is a puppy!  It’s beautiful!  With cute fluffy black fur!

“Puppers!” (Aya)

I immediately rush over to him partly scaring him away at the same time.  He’s afraid of me!  No, no! It’s a doggy!  It can’t be afraid of me!   I sit on the floor with the others and motion calmly now for him to get closer.  Toko the pup yaps a few time and moves over to sit on my lap.

Toko POV:

[ She’s Japanese! ] (Toko)

I move fast to sit on her lap.

Aya POV:

Petting Toko i’m completely oblivious to the people i’m sitting with and mofumofu his belly with my face.   This pup seems to love it it’s getting all excited and no not in that way a happy excited.

“Aya” (Devlin)

I look over to him.

“Please show Anatole how to use the bathroom, completely.  He’s unaware how anything works around here, i’m afraid he hit his head and seems to not remember much.” (Devlin)

I wonder what he means by that, kids are taught at a very young age to learn to use the toilet.

“Hold off on giving him a bath until after dinner but at least was his hands and face.   I’ll cook tonight and meet you both in the dining room.” (Devlin)

I stand up and bow to him, he is God ya know so I have to be respectful.   He nods back to me and heads out of the room turning right to go to the kitchen.   He cooks for himself?  Doesn’t have any 5 star chef at his beck and call?

“Okay Anatole let’s get you cleaned up for dinner, follow me ok.” (Aya)

“Coming!  Let me put these away first.” (Anatole)

What a good kid.

“That’s great Anatole!  Cleaning up your things after you use them is very important!” (Aya)

Anatole puts things into the toy box one by one while smiling. then moves over to me.   Leading him to my bathroom?  No if it’s this place there’s probably a bathroom just across the hall.   Yup there is.   I show him how to use the sink and the soap that’s next to it, we wash his face with a damp wash cloth and another one to dry his face and hands.   Oh a hamper in the bathroom, classy.

There’s a linen closet near the bathtub so I grab more wash cloths and put them back on the rungs near the sink.  Leading Anatole and the Yoko who can’t keep his eyes off me for some reason start heading downstairs when I hear a whine.   Apparently Yoko the pup has a difficult time going down the stairs so I lift him up and it starts licking my face.  It? I check.  Okay he starts licking my face.

I haven’t looked around the place yet, apparently Anatole doesn’t know where everything is either.   We find the dining area though.  Behind the stairs there’s a good sized living room with comfortable couches that seat about 14 people.   Beyond that are archways that lead into the dining area, it feels like the living room and dining area are somewhat connected but the three archways separate the two areas.  Wood floors everywhere, i’m so enamored by this design.

Seeing the food on the table I set Yoko down and help Anatole sit in the seat closest to Devlin who is at the end of the table.  Only proper since this is his place.  I head over to the other side and sit down.   No one starts eating yet.