I turn and instinctively rushes into the street to get the Dog out of the way in time.  My final thought was that i’ve seen this on an anime.

Here I am.  Standing next to a small table that had cookies and tea with some very nice white wicker chairs around it and this ikemon of a man keeps staring at me!  He’s tall around 6 foot 6 with what looks to be a very fit body, not skinny like I like them but definitely tone.  He’s dressed in an outfit that looks custom tailored from one of the most expensive shops that only millionaires can buy from.  I’m blushing!  What is this?

“Are you ok now?” (?)

I can understand him, but he’s talking in American-English.  i good with English.

“I’m fine.  Thank you.” (Aya)

As I bow to him I see that i’m very ghostly, i’m a ghost.   Oh yeah I died.

“My name is Fujisho Aya, it is a pleasure to make your acquaintance.” I say with flawless English.

What? flawless?  I’ve always had an accent, I wasn’t born in America so why is it so good?

“I know you’re confused and it’s okay, allow me to introduce myself.  My name is Devlin and as you know you have passed on and are now here.” (Devlin)

Those are just stories, it could never happen.  Could it be one of those transported to another world things?   Our family doesn’t believe in reincarnation.   Unlike many here my mother and father are Catholic and myself as well.

“Is this heaven? and are you God or did you take my soul when I died and brought me to a new world to save the Demon Lord?  Maybe you want me to be a villainess to change the outcome of some delusional prince who is supposed to kill me in the end?” (Aya)

That ikeman just stares at me with a questioning head tilt for a moment, how cute!  I’m blushing again!  Wait isn’t that itself another cliche’?  Get a grip self!  The man starts laughing.

“I’ve read a bunch of those manga’s too!  Although they were translations but wow yeah can I say none of the above?  Your soul which is your consciousness regardless of your beliefs are sent into a reincarnation cycle.  Sorry if this offends your religion but that’s how it is.” (Devlin)

He sits down and motions me to sit as well, offering cookies.  Pouring me some tea he continues.

“On the other hand this is a different world then you’re familiar with.   However, the whole reason here is to just reincarnate you here.   You can be remade as you are, change to a different species altogether and even change your race!” (Devlin)

This shocked me.  He doesn’t want to use me for any ulterior motif,  he’s saying I can be reborn here or even stay as who I am now?  I’m a top student I can figure this out.

“Anyway, I do need an assistant here in my world, that would be nice if it was you.  I also have another person here who I have taken in that I need help with, a young boy around 6 years old.  Not quite a toddler but still I do have a lot of work ahead of me and any help would be nice.” (Devlin)

To live with this man, I don’t know if I could do it without eating him alive if you know what I mean.

“Of course you’ve read those stories so you probably figured that you being in another world could give you some cheat like skill.  I can’t do that here though however we do have magic.  I am positive that you could be great with it.” (Devlin)

Well that’s that.  I’m dead and have no idea what’s going to happen to me.  If I reincarnate to some other creature or monster I wouldn’t know what to do.   If I reincarnate as myself he seems to insinuate that I will be able to keep who I am and be myself still.   I want to keep the memories of my family,  I took care of my younger brother and sisters while mom and dad are working.

“Alright, i’ll do it.  I’ll reincarnate as the same and help you with your child.  I can cook and clean well too, I am looking forward to working with you.” (Aya)

I stand up and bow respectully to him.  He reaches his hand into the air and appears to tap something that I can’t see and everything goes dark, I instinctively close my eyes.   When didn’t I realize that I couldn’t feel anything with my sense of touch?  Now though my body felt a tingling sensation and I feel the weight of myself as gravity took over.   I’m whole again, not a ghost.

“Yay!  You’re still you right?” (Devlin)

Did he just say yay?  Okay.  I check myself over and i’m still wearing my uniform and everything is where it’s supposed to be.   Devlin my apparently my new boss and i’m his assistant looks as if he stares off into the distance for a moment.

“Oh! Hey Aya can you see this?” (Devlin)

He is waving to something in front of him.  The table?  No.

“I don’t see what you’re referring to beyond the table and whats on it.” (Aya)

He’s looking into the distance again, whatsup with him?

“Okay Aya, let me show you to your room and introduce to to Anatole, the boy I mentioned.” (Devlin)

“Okay.” (Aya)

He than leads me through some very large double doors.  I didn’t notice it before but this looks like one of those temples in Italy or Greece.   Not a subject I studied.  There are large pillars everywhere on the outside and some inside.   The further he leads me inside I notice a statue of this man.   He makes a good looking statue too!   Beneath the statue is a plaque.  It reads ‘God of Creation and Destruction.

“Devlin sir, this plaque. ” (Aya)

I just realized it.  I’m standing next to a God.   My knees give in and I encounter the floor, just moments later I snap out of it.

“I wasn’t lying.” (Devlin)

Totally embarrassed now.

“Sorry, it just.  I suddenly realized the full scale of it and caught me off guard.” (Aya)

After he helps me stand up, his hands are soft.  They don’t have callouses or even a single blemish.  I’m making myself blush again!  Stop this me!  With him now leading me to another set of double doors next to the statue we enter an amazing hallway and to another set of doors in.   Once we enter I can tell whoever made this place is highly skilled.  Plush carpets and expensive looking wood furnishings.  Crystal chandeliers hanging above and a beautiful staircase.

He guides me up the stairs and heads right to the first door on the left.  Opening it he motions me inside.