I was going to name the new version of Easel,   Easel Evolved.   Instead I’m going to take a different route.  I’m going to name it ComicPress 4.0

I’m going to revive ComicPress – but not with the ComicPress code inside of it.   The new theme which has thousands of new enhancements inside of it.  (not individual features mind you).    Remember I posted a long time ago there will never be a ComicPress 3.0 ? heh that’s why it’s going to be 4.0 / never said there was never going to be a 4.0.

What does this mean to current ComicPress users?   It means if you ‘accidently’ update your theme to 4.0 you will instantly have to get the Comic Easel plugin and ComicPress to Comic Easel migrator plugin and migrate all of your comics to the Comic Easel format.   Your archive will no longer work and you will need to update your pages for it to include the new shortcode for archives.   The child theme I’ve been begging you to make will be required to be updated with the new CSS elements.  ALL COMICS need to be only set into a SINGLE category.  (it could be multiple different categories, but only one set.)

On a good note.  It won’t take much work to update your child theme ..sorta.; and there are new ‘customizer’ options inside of 4.0 that allow you to colorize it and change it’s scheme with point and click. (just like easel-sandbox child theme but included as part of the theme)

If you don’t want to migrate, don’t update your theme.

ComicPress 4.0 will have some nifty features in it Easel doesn’t, specifically for Comics but still be allowed to be used as a blog without Comic Easel if people wanted.  (I use it on all my sites) very very very versatile.

I requested ComicPress to be set to not be able to be downloaded anymore from the WordPress repo – until I update it to the new Comic Easel compatible version.

So yeah my mind is  made up this IS going to happen.    Soon as I’m done with the new release of ComicPress 4.0 it will go live and we’ll see what kind of results we get ya?

– Phil

Coincidentally, for those poor artists out there I will migrate you for free. .. but you knew that.