Seeing the food on the table I set Yoko down and help Anatole sit in the seat closest to Devlin who is at the end of the table.  Only proper since this is his place.  I head over to the other side and sit down.   No one starts eating yet.

“Yoko I made you a bowl full of the meat you like and placed it against the wall near us.” (Devlin)

He’s even good to the doggo.

I see Devlin starting to eat and watch Anatole mimic the excellent table manners.   Going back to Devlin’s side I help him cut his meat up and then head back to my plate.

“That was nice of you, thank you Aya.” (Devlin)

Polite, good looking, likes kids and animals and a God in both looks and literally a God.  I’m having a difficult time paying attention.

“Aya, let me get your thoughts on some things.” (Devlin)

He stops me from eating this western style food which i’m also drooling over.  Steak, mashed potatoes, corn and gravy.

“After dinner?” (Aya)

He seemed to look into the distance again while eating.

“Oh!” (Devlin)

Devlin stands up and grabs a container from the refrigerator.   Brings it back to the table and poors it into our glasses.  Oh, it’s milk.  This would be good with what we’re eating.

“2% if that’s fine with you.” (Devlin)

“Thats fine.  Uhm, Devlin .. how is it that you have all of these conviences, food and know what types of milk it is.” (Aya)

I’m seriously questioning this!  This is another world ya know.  It shouldn’t be like where I came from.

“Well I came from your world as well.  Simple as that.   Around the same time as well but from the states, not Japan.” (Devlin)

He sits back down and continues eating.  Anatole practically gobbled up his food so fast you would think that he never ate before.

“Papa i’m done! Look! I’m really full.  Can I go play now?” (Anatole)

“Anni remember you can’t be excused from the table until the head of the house is done and is ready to get up, whether you are at someone elses or your own.   So you need to sit patiently and converse with your family or be quiet until then.   You know how to be proper like this, good, I knew you could do it.  You’re doing really well.” (Devlin)

He even knows how to talk to kids without being harsh and scolding at the same time giving a valuable etiquette lesson.  Where are his flaws?

“I don’t remember to do things i’m supposed to quite often.” (Devlin)

He read my mind!  Crud!  Just moments ago I was thinking about sneaking into his room and climb the stairs to adulthood!    Looking over to him I can see him twitch his eyes a little, he read my mind again!

“I still have some things I want to discuss with someone after dinner.   So we’ll hang out in the living room for awhile.   I’m sorry but there’s no television here.” (Devlin)

“Why not? Don’t like all the shows or news?” (Aya)

“Well to be frank we’re the only ones on this planet right now.  The four of us.  You, Anatole, my other assistant and me.” (Devlin)

I’m shocked again, enough to give me a complete pause as I have the fork with some meat on it in my mouth.   I spit take and the food and fork go flying across the table.   Anatole is laughing so much right now.

“Sorry.” (Aya)

“I understand, it’s still your first day there’s a lot to take in right?  So don’t be ashamed.” (Devlin)

I want to jump him and have him take over me, I never thought this way before, what’s come over me?

We finish dinner, Devlin gets up first and starts to pick up the empty plates while I grab some of the bowls of food.   One of the draws has a ton of plastic-like containers where I put the food in to store it in the refrigerator.   Anatole has disappeared with Yoko to who knows where.  We both walk to the living room and he motions me to sit down.  I sit at the furthest end and he’s somewhat in the center.

“First, yes I have been reading your mind.  It’s unintentional but what you’re thinking is easily read.” (Devlin)


“I’m not rejecting you and now that you know that it’s only us who are here on this entire planet, well beyond animals and creatures and such.  I’ve again been talking with Mary, who by the way is my guide on how to be a  proper God her and she’s been giving me some advice.  You see I actually work for an even higher person who, i’m just in charge of this planet.  I get to decide how to make the world but i’m not the main boss ya know?” (Devlin)

“I get it.  So you’re a manager while the chief officer is above you.” (Aya)

“You certainly understand things well and what i’m saying.   That’s very nice.” (Devlin)

[ I still want him. ] (Aya)

“About that.  Oh good you finally used your inner voice instead of just your thoughts, this will be easier.” (Devlin)

[ My inner voice? ] (Aya)

[ Yes, see now I can talk to you telepathically.   Mary informed me that you’re gifted already so just being around me will will help you out. ] (Devlin)

Devlin’s staring into my eyes while communicating to me in my mind.  A sudden chill goes over me when I heard him say that i’m gifted.  Well I already know that.

[ Ahem, yes well indeed.   I know you’re attracted to me and that’s all good and fine, mind you i’m not rejecting you but since this is happening we’ve decided to go a different route and I want your cooperation. ] (Devlin)

[ In what way? ] (Aya)

He stares off again and this time I understand he’s talking to that other person who is advising him.

[ First, please understand I can’t be committed to just you or anyone for that matter.  I live be alive for a very long time and it will bring me incredible sadness if I completely fall for someone. ] (Devlin)