[ First, please understand I can’t be committed to just you or anyone for that matter.  I live be alive for a very long time and it will bring me incredible sadness if I completely fall for someone. ] (Devlin)

POV Devlin:

This is difficult.

“Just how old are you now.” (Aya)

She’s got a very level head.  Understands and doesn’t completely over react.  She’s good but I don’t want the heartbreak later.

“I’m still young ya know, I created this world we live in about 4-5 days before you got here.” (Devlin)

She looks as if a huge weight came off her shoulders, ugh still with those eyes they look like they’re going to devour me any minute.   It would be nice, I haven’t been with anyone for a very long time and she is legal, well this is a new world but I believe that an adult is whatever age you can you comprehend the meaning behind the actions you take when being in a relationship..   I want kids to be kids for as long as they can but I know I can’t force people to think like I do.

“Anyways back on the subject.   I’m going to be creating all of the different species I can, that means all of the different races as well. Well what I am asking is would you like to be the first of one of those races and not be human anymore?” (Devlin)

It looks like she’s thinking diligently and weighing her options.   Of course I can see what she’s thinking and it’s about the different types of people she’s seen in movies and anime.

“I’ll think it over tonight?” (Aya)

“That’s fine, could you give Anatole a bath and put him to bed?  I’ve still got a little work to do.” (Devlin)

It’s night time now but this house has lighting with switches, so I head to the office that nears the front door and sit at the executive desk.   I didn’t notice what Aya was doing but I can sense her getting Anatole in the bath.   That’s good.

[ Mary I don’t want to sleep with her until she’s decided so if she attempts to come to my room tonight lead her back. ] (Devlin)

{ Good Choice, see I knew you had it in you. ] (System Guide)

The system guide certainly reminds me of ‘her’ even in her attitude.   Not that I dislike it.  I need a butler.

[ Mary is there a way to modify a reincarnation to be a butler? ] (Devlin)

[ With the current settings the only way is to enable a skill system.  To enable the skill and ability options the requirement for game like statistics to be enabled as well. ] (System Guide)

{ Game like huh? You mean like video games where you can see your stats like strength and health and such? ] (Devlin)

[ Correct. ] (System Guide)

[ Let’s do that. ] (Devlin)

[ First we’ll need to have a location for the world observer to me.  This is a device that monitors the entire world.   Then the world needs to have the Dragon Veins enabled to spread across the the planet to allow for the proper network. With those you need to have God class Dragons to monitor them. ] (System Guide)

{ Seems a bit complicated doesn’t it? ] (Devlin)

I’m getting a bit frustrated.

[ Necessary, in the past with their longevity is close to being a God so you won’t need to create more all the time.   The problem will be reincarnations who would take up the post.  Not everyone wants to live forever like you. ] (System Guide)

[ True, but they are some.   So how many do I need. ] (Devlin)

[ 9 ] (System Guide)

[ That many? ] (Devlin)

[ It’s a big planet. ] (System Guide)

Okay and I suppose i’ll have to name them all too.  There was a sitting where when I switched species on Toko where I selected the force instinctual behavior, that would probably help.

[ Good night Mary. ] (Devlin)

[ Goodnight Devlin. ] (System Guide)

I head out of the my office, btw my chair is one of those state of the art executive chairs that is really amazingly comfortable.  I want to make a gaming room.    I head upstairs and check on Anatole, he’s completely zonked out on his bed.  Was this his first day or second I don’t remember.  I know it’s Aya’s first day.  I don’t see her in the hall and I can sense her sleeping as well, i’m not going to disturb her.

After entering my room I put on some pajama bottoms that are red and black, they’re long and very comfortable.  Thin too so I don’t overheat under the blankets.  For some reason my blankets are very heavy, I think I read somewhere they help reduce anxiety.   Good thinking universe.

I wake up earlier then the other two do so I take a shower get those nice clothes back on and head down.  Today’s going to be a nice ham and egg breakfast, extra ham for Toko, he’s doing really well considering.

“Spend the morning with Anatole please Aya,  I have work to do this morning and it might be dangerous so stay in the house if you could, also only allow Toko out to do his business than bring him right back in.” (Devlin)

“Should I ask?” (Aya)

“Dragons.” (Devlin)

She looked a bit frightened there for a minute and excused herself with Anatole.   After cleaning up the kitchen I head out of the house through the temple.

[ I recommend a summoning circle, It is now available to you and will reduce the cost of reincarnations by as much as fifty percent. ] (System Guide)

[ Convenient, so I just got it this morning? ] (Devlin)

[ You’ve grown and when you’ve grown as a God more things become available.  Without the skill, ability and stats system in place you won’t be able to see it yet.  Soon though. ] (System Guide)

[ Well let’s get to it then. ] (Devlin)

Since they’re dragons we should probably have it out in the open some place and away from anything that can be damaged.   I look at the mountain behind the temple and start heading that direction.

[ Mary make a stairway path that leads up to the highest altitude that won’t be a problem if there is collateral damage when we change someones reincarnated species.  Also design the pathway to be nature friendly alongside the river that’s flowing down.   If there’s a is a basin where the water is collecting before coming down the mountain let’s use that as long as it’s still a good distance away from anything. ] (Devlin)

The stairs appear but they show up to go under the left waterfall and around the outside of the amphitheater like ceiling that I created when I first got here.  I’m really far so this is going to to take awhile.