The stairs appear, they show up under the left waterfall and around the outside of the amphitheater like ceiling that I created when I first got here.  I’m really far so this is going to to take awhile.

“I’m so glad I made myself healthy enough to climb this.  It feels a bit chilly.” (Devlin)

Walking up the newly formed marble staircases that zigzag up and at least a dozen times crosses over the river that comes from above I finally reached where they end.  It’s a nice cliff side that allows me to see almost all the way to the ocean.  Underneath this cliff, water comes out of a large cave that feeds down.   The water must accumulate from above which is still four or five times the distance high as it is to the ground, it’s pretty far to the top even from here.

[ Okay Mary, place the summoning portal someplace appropriate for this area and at the same time make it more green around here, this is pretty empty.  Toss some fruit tree’s and berry bushes here so that when someone comes I can just grab some instead of bringing that tea set every time.   Am I missing anything? ] (Devlin)

[ No, you described it well. Commencing.  Using 200 faith points. ] (System Guide)

Grabbing my forehead I just used up almost all of majority of points I had left.   This morning I gained only 8 but still had over 250 left from yesterdays accomplishments and reserve that I had.  Now my total is going to be only 178 and I still need to reincarnate those guys.   I should have more but those stairs and bridges getting up here looks like they cost quite a bit as well, handrails and all every things marble and not your standard marble, they are strong and sturdy.

[ Completed.  You’re spacing out again. ] (System Guide)

[ Just thinking.  So what’s next. ] (Devlin)

[ Creating the Dragon Veins, cost is 100 points for minor lines spread throughout the planet.  ] (System Guide)

[ If it helps in the end this is the best we can do right, gotta keep going even if I have to wait awhile for them to accumulate again. ] (Devlin)

[ Commencing creation of Dragon Veins.  Time will stop while the planet restructures itself. ] (System Guide)

Oh I remember now.

[ Mary what is the correlation to the magic based science and the dragon veins? ] (Devlin)

[ The over accumulated mana will bleed it’s energy into the earth then into the veins.   This will affect two things.  The miasma areas will lessen in those areas which means no gigantic templates creatures will be able to be formed from the crystallization, in other words mature Dragons and larger will not be created automatically.  The other is that dungeons will have to attach themselves to those dragon veins for power which will not change much besides magic use in dungeons will be toned down a bit and the same as miasma areas the build up of mana will not occur as fast. ] (System Guide)

[ Isn’t that a good thing though?  It just means the dragons we create from reincarnations will have to reproduce themselves and from what you told me earlier all dragons start as lesser non-powerful dragons and grow with age.   Furthermore dungeons themselves spawn time will probably be lower, we don’t want to have overkill anyways. ] (Devlin)

[ Correct again.  There isn’t much of a deficit.  However since the dungeons are attaching themselves directly to Dragon Veins for power and this is a side note.  Those monsters created in dungeons will be able to leave the dungeons since there isn’t enough power for the crystallized mana core, the dungeon core to keep them inside.   Though if the dungeon contains too many monsters it will be drained too much anyways and they would be able to come out at that time as well.  ] (System Guide)

So either way they’ll either flow out in some sort of stampede or can just casually get up and leave if they wanted.  I shrug it off.

The summoning circle is just that, it looks like a bunch of glyphs and markings in a circle with intricate designs within them.  Pretty big too, at least 40 feet from each side, so 20 feet from the center going  around.  I move to the area where it looks like I should stand and open up my Reincarnation Cycle screen.

The current person in queue is a man who died in 980 AD, a viking apparently.  Notes say that he honored his tribe by pillaging and looting other tribes and nations, which during that time it’s what they did.  Seems like a strong warrior type but i’m worried about the pillaging and looting part.

When I was in bed last night I decided to make the mythic dragons based off the primary colors as well as white and black, that way there’s 9 total,  red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet are the main 7.

This morning I woke up to find the system guide had even more access which includes initiating reincarnations herself.  This is good, while i’m not entirely lazy myself as I am the ghost possession made me be lazy.  Damn Toko, although now I don’t feel mad at him at all for some reason but i’m still feeling the issues arise now and then.  I wonder which one of us actually has the forgetfulness?

[ Alright Mary, bring this guy out. ] (Devlin)

A ghost appeared before me he only cost 10 faith points but apparently the species change to the mythic dragon is going to cost me 50 when it happens.  The ghost starts getting angry, looks straight in my eyes and rushes towards me violently.  I dodge to the side and oops he’s going to pass over the edge of the summoning circle and right there is a cliff.   Oh ouch, I flinch as he collides head on with a barrier that envelopes the area.

“That looks like it hurts.” (Devlin)

An hour later of him rampaging in the circle I of course stepped out of the barrier early on because I was tired of dodging.  He finally cools off a little because of the frustration that he couldn’t get out.

“You done yet?  I have a kid at home I want to go make dinner for and it’s really going to get late by the time I get down this mountain.” (Devlin)

He tries to stare me down on the other side of the barrier.  He’s got courage that’s for sure.