He tries to stare me down on the other side of the barrier.  He’s got courage that’s for sure.

“Where am I, is this the great hunting grounds? Tell me now!” (?)

“Lets start at the top, you realize you’re dead.  Yes, you’re dead.  I brought you here and no this isn’t the great hunting grounds which I have no idea what that is.  This is also not Heaven or Hell Valhella or anything you might be familiar with.  This is a whole new world.” (Devlin)

I start to cater to his viking mentality a bit after this.

“Because of your spirit you are being rewarded greater then anything you could have hoped for.  You will be granted a choice to be one among the gods, a dragon!” (Devlin)

The man lifted his arms up in the air and roared a battle-cry, I never experienced this type of thing but I must be strong and not show any reaction to it.

“The choice is yours.  I can reincarnate you into this world to relive again or you can claim the right to be a dragon.  I warn you though, you will have work to do and have the strength of a dragon to protect your kind!” (Devlin)

“Do it.” (?)

“Which, come back as another warrior or claim the status of a dragon.” (Devlin)

Apparently he’s a man of few words.  I shrug it off.

“Dragon!” (?)

[ You heard him Mary, but lets adjust some of his parameters so he doesn’t go wild but I still want that attitude to protect his kind.  Oh, also up his dedication to doing the job that he needs to do and also make that job instinctual.  Wipe his memory clean but give him all the memories he needs to be a dragon.  He’ll be the black dragon.   Also adjust things as you see fit I grant you those privileges from now until further notice. ] (Devlin)

{ Getting a bit relaxed with your job aren’t you? ] (System Guide)

[ No, it’s because I trust you. ] (Devlin)

A popup box shows up again. ‘Congratulations on giving allowing yourself to give complete trust to your system guide. +500 points.’.

[ Mary, that wasn’t from you this time was it? ] (Devlin)

[ Nope, that’s the universe, but thank you. ] (System Guide)

{ I understand, however that’s how it is, I do trust you. ] (Devlin)

The ghost disappears and a black dragon stats forming, it’s larger then the barrier and can barely fit on this cliff side area.   The wings are folded in but if they extend out i’m sure it would destroy that part of the mountain.

[ Mary, expand the barrier a bit would you? ] (Devlin)

[ Confirmed already done.  I set him to be at the first stage of mythical class, he’ll grow about ten times larger with time. ] (System Guide)

[ That’ll be huge!  Almost the size of a football stadium when that happens. ] (Devln)

After awhile it fully formed, it took longer because of the sheer mass of it’s body.  Finally it stretched and turned it’s neck to look at me.

“Father?” (?)

“Hello son.  Your name is Schwarz.   You know the job you have to do right?” (Devlin)

“Yes Father.” (Schwarz)

“Find a area to call you and your upcoming tribe your own, I will send you new family members soon so watch out for them.   I have several rules.  Do not attack creatures that are of the humanoid races unless they attack you first.  It goes without saying that you’re allowed to protect your families territory, but only your own not any of the other Dragons.  Hunt animals and monsters for food all you want but make sure never to take the whole herds, let them repopulate so you can feed again.  Most important adjust the Dragon Veins so they keep working!”  (Devlin)

I see him paying close attention so I know i’m getting through to him.

“The last is come visit your father once in awhile to tell me how you are and how your brood is doing.” (Devlin)

I reach around his snout to give him a hug.  Is that a dragon purr I hear?

“I’ll be back father, I will go find suitable land to claim for my kind.” (Schwarz)

The dragon being careful of the mountain aims himself and extends his wings and jumps off the cliff side.  I forgot something again!

“When you get strong enough you can talk to me with your mind!” I yelled towards him.

He looked back so he understood what I yelled or maybe not?  I don’t know that reaction.  I sat there for a few more minutes watching Schwarz fly away.

[ Mary, that was sort of successful right?  Had a rough start but I’m hoping it works out well. ] (Devlin)

[ You’re looking for a pat on the back? ] (System Guide)

[ Is it too much to ask? ] (Devlin)

[ No, you did good.  We have time do reincarnate another if you like, you’re going to love this next one. ] (System Guide)

Looking at the information on the next reincarnation in queue.

“A rapist of at least two dozen women, serial killer and more! There’s at least two dozen bad notes about this person!  This guy is horrible!” (Devlin)

Dismayed and angry at this person. I should just throw in him into the wilderness as an ant or plankton to be eaten by the ocean life.  I have a better idea though.

[ Mary this guy is going to have a use.  I don’t like him so lets give him a taste of his own medicine shall we? ] (Devlin)

[ What did you have in mind? ] (System Guide)

I have a twisted smile, I wonder if the guide could tell.

[ Mary, make him a black dragon as well, a lesser one, female, with all of his memories intact but adjust his parameters to be like Schwarzs, also make him or soon to be her completely submissive to Schwarz.  Have her remember all the terrible things that she did without remembering who she is.  Don’t let her keep her knowledge on how she did things either, I don’t want some dragon doing any sort of manipulation.   Also set in her instincts to feel physical pain whenever she is too far away from Schwarz.  We’ll also need to give her the ability to sense where Schwarz is so she can quickly get near him. ] (Devlin)

[ Are you sure you’re not the Evil God of Darkness? ] (System Guide)

I chuckle.

[ if anything the God of Creation and Destruction is also the God of Judgement.  I am at least until I bring someone in for that role. ] (Devlin)

[ Good point. ] (System Guide)