We enter Anatoles room and it’s white and blue design is very boyish, a toy box and a single sized bed, dressers and a nice closet.

Searching around the room to find his clothes Anatole is looking around, of course he wouldn’t recognize anything but this is just a facade to help him adjust.   I help him with his t-shirt, underwear jeans and shoes.

“See Anatole, that wasn’t so difficult was it?  You always told me you could handle it on your own right?  So from now on you can do it yourself yeah?” (Devlin)

He nods shyly.

“There’s your toy box, go ahead and play for awhile.  I’ll call you when it’s time to eat.  Remember not to touch anything you are unfamiliar with outside your room ok?” (Devlin)

He nods again.

“Anatole, call me Papa like you always do ok?” (Devlin)

“Okay Papa.” Anatole says with a very happy smile while moving to his toybox.

[ It is a good idea to get someone to help with the boy, to teach watch over him as a caretaker.  You will be busy quite a bit after all. ] (System Guide)

[ Good idea.  I’ll do that right away. ] (Devlin)

[ There are also clothes in your room, you can get out of that awful table cloth now. ] (System Guide)

Am I always this forgetful? I forget.

[ Good idea Mary, i’ll do that now. ] (Devlin)

I head into my room to find a large set of clothes in the closet and dressers.   What happened to my hoody and jeans I created on the first day?  I forgot.

I put on a modern suit that had nice golden threading that made it look royal.  A clean white long sleeve shirt of course, but I very much dislike wearing a tie so I ignore those for now.   Come on this is supposed to be a kind of fantasy setting?  Why would I have a tie?

Heading back to the gazebo I See Toko the pup staring into Anatoles room.   I grab Toko and pet him in my arms while entering the boys room.

“Oh let me introduce you.   Anatole this is Toko, we got him just a couple days ago.  Sorry for not introducing you to him yet.  But play nicely ok?  He’s a good pip and can understand what you’re saying so remember that, do not hurt him in any way.” (Devlin)

“Okay Papa!” Anatole says while rushing over to pet Toko in my arms.

I set Toko down near him and nod to him and he nods back.  He emits an emotion of thanks to warn Anatole not to hurt him.

I head back to the gazebo by way of through the temple.   The banquet tables were moved to storage so it was quite empty again.   Still nothing on the above floors that encircle the place as well.  All of the dishes and silverware were put in the mansions kitchen of course.   Great way to occupy these long days.   Was I ever this eager to do anything?  When I was younger in my previously life I kind of feel I was.

At the gazebo the next entry is a girl around 18 years old.   Notes say that she helped raise her younger siblings while her parents worked.  She was hit by a truck while going to her last year in high school.  She lived in Japan around the time that I was alive there.

[ Oh Great. ] (Devlin)

[ What? ] System Guide

[ This girl probably read all of those stories about reincarnating in another world and will be asking for some kind of cheat gift. ] (Devlin)

[ So? Don’t worry about it, teach her how to use magic here and she’ll be satisfied.  Explain it to her clearly and concisely. ] (System Guide)

[ You’ve gotten a bit cheeky since the last upgrade haven’t you? ] (Devlin)

[ You think? ] (System Guide)

That was dripping with sarcasm, without a doubt.

[ Regardless, i’m glad you’re around.  I wouldn’t be able to do all of this without you. ] (Devlin)

My status screen appeared on it’s own with a popup box. ‘Congratulations!  You just earned +100 points for being appreciative to the only one you can help you!’.  My faith points are now at 232.

[ You can give me faith points on your own? ] (Devlin)

[ Yeap, if I feel like it. ] (System Guide)

[ Alright well I meant it so thank you for all your help. ] (Devlin)

I could swear that I felt the planet itself feel happy.

Opening up the reincarnation system now that im out here.  I click on the init for the girl from Japan.  She costs a larger amount of 40 points.  Well I need her to help with Anatole, I just hope I can word this right to her and not cause a scene.

Appearing before me now is the ghost of a girl who is not as small as I thought Japanese girls would be in many ways.  She’s around 5’4 with a nice figure.  Long hair, wearing a shool girl uniform.  Poor girl I thought to myself.

Aya’s POV:

The last thing I remember was walking to school eyeing the dog that had it’s head lifted above the fence urging me to want to be petted.   The dog disappeared for a  moment and the next thing I knew it jumped over the fence and started running around me happily wanting to be petted.

Oh you better believe I mofumofu’d the heck out of that puppers.   It was quite awhile I was doing that then I realized I was going to be late for school.  I’m never late and i’m proud of this.  Oh no!   We can’t have this.   I’m one of the top students and I need to set an example to everyone else.  I’m also on the student council.

Waving bye to the doggy that was trying to follow me I started running towards school.   It’s important I kept thinking to myself while trying to run faster.

“Doggy go home!” (Aya)

The doggy keeps pace with me while running, I keep waving the pup away.  Finally the dog got disinterested and started heading across the street.   Just moments later while the dog is in the middle of the road sniffing around a truck comes barreling down the road.  The man behind the wheel is not oblivious to the dog, the driver just doesn’t care.

I turn and instinctively rushes into the street to get the Dog out of the way in time.  My final thought was that i’ve seen this on an anime.