Time to create people.

Putting the glass table and chairs on a gazebo I made that’s surrounded by the lake along with the tea set and some cookies I created I look at my optic panel and click on the next soul that is to be reincarnated.

They’re someone who died in the 1820’s on Earth, apparently a farmer.  There were no notes beyond that which makes me believe they weren’t attributed to neither good nor negative situations.  Being the 1820’s and slavery was rampant it’s very possible they could either be a slave or slave-holder.

I’m totally against slavery of any kind, although I don’t mind people who need to work off their debts being forced into a labor of some sort but the inability to give them a choice is too harsh in my views.

Clicking on the Init reincarnate button the ghost appears before me, the person is looking around and scans over his body only to realize that he was indeed a ghost that was very opaque.  20 points were deducted from me and I now I have 132 left.  The system guide informed me that the more potent the soul the more it costs to reincarnate here.   The people with less are generally negative but I should check each one individually for now.

“Nie żyję?” (Ghost)

[ Mary can you set it so that it auto translates into the common American-English language that I use? ] (Devlin)

[ Yes, setting is now enabled.  All future communication will be in your known language. ] (System Guide)

“I’m sorry.   Yes, you died and now you are here.  My name is Devlin, it’s nice to meet you.” (Devlin)

“Sir, please.  Forgive me.  This is a bit of a shock.  I was planting a new harvest and the last thing I remember I saw some tough looking men coming from the near by forest.  Oh my wife!  Where is my wife!!!” (Ghost)

The ghost is clearly agitated but since his concern for his wife is very apparent and that he was a farmer its pretty easy to assume he was a decent person.

“It’s ok.  It’s alright to be concerned, but your wife is not here with you.  I don’t know what happened to her but at this moment you are dead and I have to decide what to do with you.” (Devlin)

“Am I going to heaven?  I was a very good Christian, prayed every Sunday at the church with my wife.   We are planning to have children soon. I am sorry again, my name is Anatole.  You are God yes?” (Anatole)

“Yes, you can say that I am.  However I am not a God of the place you were at.  I am the God of this world.   I have decided that I am going to reincarnate you.  Do you have any preferences?” (Devlin)

Anatole clearly didn’t know what Devlin meant by preferences.

“None my Lord.  To be blessed to come back and hopefully see my wife and family again is all I could wish for.” Anatole

I know that’s not going to happen.   He’s a farmer though so i’ve decided to reincarnate him as a male human again and keep his knowledge and know-how but remove his memories and experience as being himself.  The option for species doesn’t exactly say human but humanai.  Close enough right?  I also set his age as 6 years old since there are no other humans around.  He’ll remember his knowledge on how to do things appropriately I hope.

“Anatole, I have decided to reincarnate you again.   You am going to believe that you’re a good person so don’t let me down in your next life, ok?” (Devlin)

As Anatole nods a yes to me I click the apply reincarnation button.

[ Reincarnation successful.  Position of reincarnation will be placed near user. ] (System Guide)

Anatole’s ghost disappears and in his place is a young boy at 6 years old.   Looking up at me.

“Hello Anatole, it’s good to see you.” (Devlin)

“Hello Mister.   I seem to be lost, I can’t remember where I live or who my parents are.” (Anatole)

He’s giving a worried look with a shed of a tear.   What a good kid I was thinking to myself.

“Anatole.  You must of hit your head.   You are an orphan who I took in.  You say you don’t remember that, but that’s ok.  Just take your time.  Now come with me ok?  You’re not wearing your clothes so we need to get you dressed.” (Devlin)

Another System Guide upgrade happened this morning and the benefits would be that I could use the System Guide Mary to actually will my intentions into existence by just asking her to do it.

[ Mary, setup one of the rooms in the mansion for this boy and create some clothes there that this boy will wear.  Something appropriate for my era, jeans, t-shirts, socks, underwear, tennis shoes, jackets and anything else that you can do to accommodate him for now.  Make them a bit lose so he can grow into them as well for at least another 6 months. ] (Devlin)

At that moment I smack my forehead and remember we haven’t designated months yet.

[ Mary also setup months using the time scale that we set.   Make the day I came here as the new year, set the calendar appropriately starting at 1. ] (Devlin)

[ As you wish.  There are 300 days of the year, 10 months, 30 days per months, 6 days per week for 5 weeks in a month.  Today is the 4th of the first month. ] (System Guide)

Leading Anatole to the mansion I pass through the temple where the entrance hall is to go there.   After entering the mansion there a grandiose set of stairs that lead up to the bedrooms above.  Informed by the system guide that Anatoles room is the first one on the left, in the left wing, while mine is the last one on the right.  My room takes up two rooms of space but it’s setup with a beautiful canopy bed and furnishing with the red darkwood grain that the rest of the house has.  Additionally I have my own bathroom while across from Anatole is this wings bathroom.

We enter Anatoles room and it’s white and blue design is very boyish, a toy box and a single sized bed, dressers and a nice closet.