Nearly the entire day was spent modifying the worlds parameters with the System Guides help.

It’s night time and ever since my eyes were modified I was able to see clearly in the dark, although it wasn’t that dark since the moons light along with my modified vision made it feel like it was still dusk.

These are the most relevant world settings that I set.

Earth based Animal Population,  I set this so that it was something I was remotely familiar with.

Earth based bug, germs and insects,  I set this as well so that again something I was familiar with but also I know that these are requirements for cleaning up the planet from dead plants and animals.   It is something I noticed wasn’t occurring when the meats I created yesterday were not spoiling.

Science based magic.  The MANA system I discussed yesterday with the system guide.

MANA Build Up Nodes.   This option is for when there are too many particles in a given area they can gather together and create mythical life.  You can recognize these areas by the heavy concentration of MANA so large of a population of the particles that they are visible when together like that.  The technical term is miasma, which appears as a dark gaseous substance floating close to the ground in large amounts.

Randomly they coalesce inside of a life form within the vicinity which can build up within the hearts becoming a crystallized attachment to the blood stream and modify the creature based off templates that the scientists put together.   Could turn into a pegasus from a horse, or even upgrade a regular bear into a iron type bear and more.   These templates are all based from stories, whether its historic myths up to even 20th and 21st century manga and comics.

Apparently most of those scientists were nerds, gamers and otaku’s.   From what the system guide told me their were quite a few social justice involved individuals that left Earth as well.  During my time which was before this all happened it was a big thing.  Another set of people who left Earth with them were military from the country they came from.

Along with the nodes modifying current life, they could just crystallize on the spot and create mana stones.   A large enough one by design can turn into a dungeon core and a dungeon can be created in the vicinity.  The programming of it make them self sufficient with gathering more mana from outside sources near it or in it to create more magic based lifeforms to protect the core from being destroyed.   Once the core is destroyed or removed from it’s dungeon it retains the energy from the mana inside of it but the function of the dungeon no longer exists effectively stopping the dungeon from working at all.

Using those mana crystals as power you can design functional earth-like tools.  Instead of electricity it would use those mana stones instead.  I’m currently a long way of personally involving myself to learn how to create mana based electronics so i’ll just leave it to the universe to fill in the gaps for now.

After clicking ‘apply’ on the screen for World 323 parameters time just stopped.    It was a good several hours until it started back up again and I gained three hundred points for finishing setting the parameters.   I currently only have 153 points left.

Creating another banquet table, .. I have two now, no chairs because I forgot them.  The previous food is now spoiling appropriately and Toko and I had a hearty breakfast together.    Outside I could feel the signs of life.    Wolves, buffalo, deer herds and more are now congregating all around us.  Even on near our lake  a flamboyance of flamingo’s decided to make it their home.   Fish of various types including Koi and frogs are here as well.

Along with dinner I also made a mansion with the Roman-Grecian style exterior that matches the temple and the interior’s furnishing is red darkwood wood grain, the universe made the it very 21st style with a bit of royal elegance to it.  Plush carpets, large kitchen with mana based appliances for convenience.  The mansion has 8 bedrooms, 2 offices a welcoming room.  Storage areas, modern bathrooms and more.

I have no idea where the plumbing connects to but i’m guessing the universe created something to take care of all of that while filling in the gaps with possibly futurist technology or what not.

Toko now has his own yard next to the mansion, the area is still lifted above the lake and the marble walkways allow the fish to swim to different areas underneath them.

With the System Guide’s upgraded version she’s more helpful then originally.  Giving me idea’s on what to do next.

[ Would you like to create a death system for dead humanoids? ] (System Guide)

[ No, lets keep it to what we set it as. ] (System Guide)

When humanoid life dies they get sent immediately to the reincarnation cycle while animal and creatures just die, their consciousness whether intelligent or not are wiped clean and removed.  Their only way to create more life is either have more of their kind created in the miasma or by reproducing with their own species.   The reincarnation cycle is off limits for animals and monsters.

The reason for this I am going to send people that were horrible choices from the reincarnation cycle to reincarnate as a monster or creature instead.  I don’t want to see them again.

It’s time to make the population that’s going to live here.  I actually made a plan this time and typed it up on my console.  A keyboard like interface appeared when I willed it to in my optic system so it made things quite a bit easier for me to type my plans out.

My plan is to have every race available but put them in random in various parts of the planet as starting points.

Time to create people.