Laying on the floor still, Toko crawls up to my legs and lays on the Toga’s end falling asleep.   Thinking to myself that a lot has happened today and I should make a list of things to accomplish to live here, my eyes close and I uncomfortably fall asleep.

The sun shining and I wake up, my body doesn’t feel stiff at all from sleeping on the hard marble floors.  I think to myself that it’s weird but remember that i’m in my rejuvenated younger self.  I’m also not as angry with Toko anymore for ruining my previously life.

Moving over to the laptop I notice the new time value on the desktop showing that it’s five-fifteen am.  Which makes sense since night came around six pm last night and there are nine-hundred minutes in night time cycle currently.

Opening up the status screen for the world my eyes grow wider.  Another pop up box appeared that shows ‘Congratulations, you survived the first night! +100 Faith Points.  First believer +100 points.’.   My worries about having points to use today has calmed me down a bit.

Closing that popup box another appeared.  ‘Upgrade System Guide?  Requires 50 points. Yes / No’.   I currently have 205 faith points.  and click on the Yes box.

[ System Guide Upgrade in progress.  2 hours until completion. System Guide will be offline for that duration. ] (System Guide)

I look over and see all the left over food and fruits that were left over from last night.

“Toko we should eat the rest of the meat before it spoils.” (Devlin)

After having a good breakfast Toko scampers out of the temple to do his business while I sit an promise myself to be more careful with my Faith Points today.   Slapping my forehead I also remember that I have to finish setting up the world with the parameter screen.

I’ve decided to move the glass table and wicker chairs to underneath the outside roof area between a set of pillars to the left of the door, since it will take some time until the system guide is back I should do something productive like this.  I’m in good health now so it’s going to be easy enough.

After some time lazily sitting on the wicker chairs, drinking the still warm for some reason tea that seems to be never ending from the tea-pot.   This surprised me at first but since my now boss Morgan created it, it was probably added as a feature.  I wasn’t a tea drinker in my previous life but this still tasted good.  Even the small bowl of sugar cubes never seemed to run out.

[ System Guide upgrade complete.  Information Library Installed.  ] (System Guide)

[ Mary oh that means you can finally answer questions instead of me looking at the wiki right? ] (Devlin)

[ Correct. ] (System Guide)

[ Mary when you were talking about the optic thing, what is it and how much does it cost? ] (Devlin)

[ Optical Reference System.  Modification to retina allows user to display system applications and processes. ] (System Guide)

[ So instead of using the laptop it will show the screen in front of me then.  Okay Mary, setup that Optical modification. ] (Devlin)

I start to scream from the burning pain that is being inflicted on my eyes.  My vision disappears again and the tears are flowing abundantly.  The pain is too much and I fall down onto the marble, passing out.

Several hours later I wake up again and rubbing my eyes.  My eyes are still sore from whatever modification happened.

[ Well that was painful.  Mary how do I bring up the console? ] (Devlin)

[ Set a keyword,  screen will appear after keyword is used. ] (System Guide)

[ Keyword huh? Okay I should use something easy to remember.   I’ve read a lot of stories and most of them use ‘status’.  Mary set keyword to ‘status’. ] (Devlin)

[ Keyword set.  Can be used with internal communication or by voice. ] (System Guide)

“Status.” (Devlin)

In front of me is now the desktop screen that I had before with a bunch of new options icons available, there is no background image and everything is translucent enough for me to see through the screen without being impeded by it.   I see new things like ‘Map’ and such but the other two, ‘Reincarnation Cycle’ and ‘World 323’ icons are still there as well.

[ Lets set those parameter for the world that I forgot about. ] (Devlin)

Moving through the screens I found the world options.   First thing I notice is there are options for magic use.   I’m normally a science based guy but I have been doing some incredible things this last day.     I immediately looked over to the Physics area and there’s an option for ‘Magic can alter physics’.   There’s an option I skimmed over earlier for Science Based Magic.

[ Mary what is this option for science based magic? ] (Devlin)

[ User of magic can communicate with particles that were designed by scientists in the Earth Year 2032.   These molecular atomic-structure-modifying nano-particles anomalies designated MANA by their creators can modify the structure of any atom.   Programmable, modifiable and can be attuned to listen to commands from brain wave patterns.    After the scientists that worked on the project left Earth to colonize the stars MANA could also create living cells.   MANA can be set to either replicate in living cells or expelled from birthing hives. ] (System Guide)

When the system guide mentioned birthing hives I shuddered.

[ How are they utilized to create the magic? ] (Devlin)

[ By gathering the MANA particles with your thoughts and then asking them to create phenomenon with a keyword or phrase.  The stronger visualization you give to those particles the better the effect will be. ] (System Guide)

[ So Arthur C. Clarks line about “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.” now makes magic possible.   Incredible. ] (Devlin)

[ Correct. ] (System Guide)

[ Let’s use that system then.   Mary assist me with the rest of the options that would be best in conjunction with that. ] (Devlin)

Nearly the entire day was spent modifying the worlds parameters with the System Guides help.