[ Just as I thought, these values show him to be a very loving, family orientated, honorable and loyal person. ] (Devlin)

After making some small tweaks I click the ‘reincarnate now’ button.

[ Reincarnation in Progress.  Error no compatible life forms present on World 323, instant birth and placement set to be near Administrator. ] (System Guide)

The ghostly version of fades away and where he was previously appears his reincarnation.

“Awww! Perfect! A puppy!  Since you have your memories i’m going to name you Yoko is that alright?” (Devlin)

The completely black puppy that is a Belgian Shepherd starts dancing around.   Feeling alive again and yapping like crazy, completely non-stop joy is emitted from this newly reincarnated pup.  The pup is about the size of my foot he’s so small!

Stopping his little happy dance Yoko the pup stops in front of Devlin and bows while emitting an air of happiness and respect.

[ That reminds me. ] (Devlin)

I head back over to the laptop and check my faith points.  The value is still 1, then I check the regeneration of faith points value, it now says three a day.

This is going to take a long time to get points.   Simple things like creating clothing only cost one point but i’m sure this temple I created cost me a large amount.   I imagine kicking myself in the but and believed it.

At that moment I flew across the room with a bruise on my butt and a person that looks like myself is waving and laughing from where I was standing before.  Being kicked across the room is no fun.

Heading out of the temple and standing on the bridge while leaning up against the railing I look at the sun in the sky.

[ System Guide how many minutes are there in a day here. ] (Devlin)

[ Exactly two thousand minutes in each day, in comparison to Earth that is one day nine hours and twenty minutes. ] (System Guide)

“That explains why the days feel a lot longer.” (Devlin)

[ System Guide since two thousand is a solid base ten to go off of.   Calculate the most appropriate time values that would be when the sun is at the highest point in the sky.  Using that with twenty hours per day, consider that to be noon or ten pm.  The first half of the day is ten hours the second have of the day is ten hours with one hundred minutes in each hour. ] (Devlin)

[ The time is now one-eighty-five post meridian, fifteen minutes until two pm, four hours and fifteen minutes until twilight.  At this latitude and longitude the day cycle lasts eleven hundred minutes and the night lasts nine hundred minutes.  This is the season that you would call “Spring”, During summer the days last for twelve hundred minutes while nights are eight hundred minutes.   During ‘winter’ there are twelve hundred minutes of night and eight hundred minutes during the day cycle. ] (System Guide)

[ Mary keep track of that for me. ] (Devlin)

[ Certainly. ] (System Guide)

Staring at the sky I have the feeling I forgot about something regarding the time scale on this planet.   This planet which I have no idea what it’s name is.  It’s obvious it’s not Earth but what would I call it.

[ System Guide does this planet have a name? ] (Devlin)

[ This worlds designation is three-two-three. ] (System Guide)

[ But what about it’s name? ] (Devlin)

[ This worlds designation is three-two-three. ] (System Guide)

[ You’re very helpful Mary. ] (Devlin)

After rolling my eyes and stretching my arms I start wandering around again, the rain has stopped and mud puddles are everywhere.  Several hours later the Toko runs up to my feet.

“Oh.. it’s dinner time isn’t it.  What can we do about that?  Okay Toko, let’s head back to the temple and i’ll use my remaining point for some food for today.” (Devlin)

I’m going to have to remember to save a point each day for food, only a point though.  I have a feeling I know how much a creation of a banquet table with food will cost just from the feeling I had previously when I used my powers before.

At the temple I concentrate on creating a long elegant table with a white table cloth, place settings, and enormous piles of different fruits and bowls of cooked meats that I remember from Earth.  I again have that feeling i’m forgetting something.  This is going to be a habit isn’t it?

When willing it into existence that last faith point was used but in the center of the temple was a long table that could easily fit  more then a dozen people with a nice spread of food and eating wares like plates, spoons, knives and cups.

“Oh I forgot the drinks!” I mumble while rubbing my forehead in shame.

“We can just drink the water outside in the lake for now, its being replenished from the mountain water, it should be clean.” (Devlin)

I look down at Toka while setting a large plate of meat down beside him.  He devours quite a bit right away showing me that he was indeed hungry.  This is probably his first meal in this form.

It’s been a long day for Devlin already, his first day here.   He’s thinking to himself that someone other then him would have probably been more prudent, but he originally had no idea that Faith Points existed.

Opening up his laptop again while laying on the marble floor, again realizing this is uncomfortable and he has no idea what he’s going to do about sleeping on it.  Though he’s thankful he has shelter at the moment.

Going to the status screen of the World 323 menu checking again, his Faith Points are zero as he though but for some reason his regeneration is now at five per day.  Switching screens over to the accounting portion it shows a new values.  One follower and one believer.

[ System Guide has are the faith points regeneration values calculated? ] (Devlin)

[ Refer to the information guide. ] (System Guide)

[ You’re a big help as usual Mary. ] (Devlin)

I’m still naked, forgot to make clothes so I head to the table, moving things around I grabbed the table cloth and wrapped it around myself like a Toga, there isn’t anything around me I could use as a belt to tie it together so I just keep it snug enough and hold it down.

Laying on the floor still, Toka crawls up to my legs and lays on the Toga’s end falling asleep.   Thinking to myself that a lot has happened today and I should make a list of things to accomplish to live here, my eyes close and I uncomfortably fall asleep.