Faith point generation value can be raised by the amount of followers or believers a God has.  A single follower can follow many different Gods but a believer is only applicable to a single God.

[ Mary I apparently need people to worship me.  This planet is empty right?  How do I get them? ] (Devlin)

[ Access the reincarnation cycle from the terminal. ] (System Guide)

“Oh sure, now you answer me.” (Devlin)

Going back to the desktop I see another icon that looks like a tombstone with ‘Reincarnation Cycle’ written below it.   Another screen pops up and its now a black and white version of the rotating planet.  Completely black.   On the right side is 2 boxes which say ‘Local Queue’ and ‘Connected world: #1 Queue’    There’s a nothing in the local queue but there’s a green box with a picture of that guy that’s currently hanging out within my temple.

Little drops of water start landing on me.  The clouds above look dark.  I hurriedly close the laptop and realize that i’m still naked and cant’ get the other items off the table, so I grab a handful of the cookies and run back to the temple.

“Of course i’m really stupidly far away”  (Devlin)

The rain starts coming down, pouring down soaking me.    Finally reaching the temple I enter and sit on the steps leading to my statue.

[ I hope I didn’t ruin the laptop, that wouldn’t be good. ] (Devlin)

Opening up the laptop and pressing the power button it turns on and goes back to the reincarnation cycle screen I was on previously.   I don’t have a towel or clothes.   Switching back to the World 323 application I see my status information again, the errors still there I need to remind me to finish setting parameters and save them.   For now I look at the Faith Points being two.  I imagine myself wearing my t-shirt, hoodie, underwear, jeans, socks and my tennis shoes.

looking at myself again i’m in my old clothes I normally wear, but now i’m getting them all wet.  Unintentionally avoiding asking myself why they fit comfortably with this fit body of mine and not baggy clothes they were before.

Eyeing my laptop my faith points went down by one again, so I only have one left.

[ Not good.  Only one faith point left. ] (Devlin)

On the Reincarnation Cycle screen again, I still see the same picture in the queue box on the right, highlighted by a green border.    Clicking on it brings up a status screen of information on this person.

Name: Yamaguchi, Yokoeza

Cause of Death: Self inflicted suicide, Seppeku

Information:  This soldier refused to kill prisoners of war which shamed his family.   His officer made him kill himself.   It’s the open of this information recorder that it was not suicide regardless of what is written in the Cause of Death.   Their society utilized an Honor system and this person had an extreme amount of faith in that system.  – Toko #14311

NOTE: Okinawa Japan, 1970 Lost track of target.   Complete disappearance.   Probable cause, possession.  – Toko #14311

NOTE: Not happy about this case, in all accounts he should have entered the reincarnation cycle just fine, even given bonuses.   I fear that there might have been an influence that made him run.   Ref: Yokai

Soul Value: 1200

TAGs: Runaway Consciousness, Needs Reprimand, Whereabouts Unknown

Currently summoned soul.

There are 3 more boxes underneath the information. ‘Reincarnate’, “Resurrect’ , ‘Transfer’

“Toko must be the name of the person that added the information on his record.” (Devlin)

[ If I resurrect him, his soul and consciousness are here so he’ll probably revive here as well.  I don’t feel he has earned resurrection though since he ran away and hid. possessing bodies.  Besides that bastage ruined my life. ] (Devlin)

I click on the Reincarnate button and another screen pops up which allows me to choose values like race, age, sex with a custom button below it.  Since i’m going to reincarnate this guy, I don’t really like him for he did but he was generally a good person if Toko wrote is true but still, the negatives of what he did to my life.   I move closer to him and still seeing him cry.

“Those tears must be from when you died and they stuck with you, right?” (Devlin)

Yokoeza looks up at me so I know that he heard what I said.  He just stands there solemnly and nods his head.

“Do you regret possessing me?” (Devlin)

He nods his head again with an even more sorrowful look.

“Did you do it on purpose?” (Devlin)

Yokoeza then shakes his head.

“Did someone or something force you to do it, or cause you to possess me.” (Devlin)

Nodding vigorously now with his hands clasped together, there’s a vibe I get from him that still shows him as being sad, sorrowful and full of remorse.

“I believe you.  Though I can’t send you back to time you were at and I can’t resurrect you how you were previously, but I can reincarnate you.” (Devlin)

Yokoeza immediately went into a dogeza position with his hands still clasped as if begging.

“Oh, but you owe me.  I will make it so you don’t forget everything you’ve done, the good and the bad and how you ruined my life by manipulating me.” (Devlin)

The ghost just nodded while his head still tilted down in that position.   I headed back to the laptop with his information still up.   Clicking on the reincarnation button another window pops up and I select the option for him to retain his memories, the next screen allowed me to select his race and sex.  The dropdown for race is huge, at least several thousand entries there.

[ Oh ..that’s a good one. ] (Devlin)

I found the one that would be perfect for him to reincarnate to, I chose the customize options and fiddled around a bit adjusting some values.   The next page was personality with at seven hundred different sliders that you could scroll though.   I found several and adjusted them.

[ Just as I thought, these values show him to be a very loving, family orientated, honorable and loyal person. ] (Devlin)

After making some small tweaks I click the ‘reincarnate now’ button.