Still the temple seems a bit empty and its rather dark inside even though there are stained glass of random patterns on each floor.    I then spotted something on the side wall near the entrance, on the right side.

Approaching what I see, it’s a terminal?   I walk closer and it’s screen is still black and I don’t see any buttons or keyboard.

“I’ll figure that out later.” (Devlin)

Walking out of the temple over the marble bridge I look behind.

[ This crater lake is still rather large, I could fit another thirty of these same sized temples side by side before I even get close to the edge of the lake.  Since this is my world now, i’ll need to have a place to live. while i’m here. ] (Devlin)

Walking back inside to where the statue is, there is plenty of room on each side.

[ Okay, lets do this.  I’ll add a hallway to a private residence. ] (Devlin)

I start to imagine a hallway with a smaller set of double doors to the left of the statue that leads to a marble mansion with dining, office and bedrooms.

[ Let’s see how much the universe can fill in the gaps. ] (Devlin)

[ Error. ] (System Guide)

[ Explain. ] (Devlin)

[ System administrator still offline.  thirty-three minutes left until initialization. ] (System Guide)

Thinking to myself the voice of Mary, the System Guide stirs up memories of that person.  I really messed up not trying everything I could to be with her.  I than imagine myself cussing out the ghost that ruined my life.    Then I start seeing something next to me.  A translucent old Japanese man in an old world war two uniform with a sword embedded in his belly.

[ Oh that’s gross, the insides are all coming out. ] (Devlin)

The translucent ghost just stands there with what appears to be tears in his eyes, for some reason I feel very close to him.   Everything I imagine right now doesn’t happen.  I wanted to will him to be gone but he’s still there.

[ Mary, how much time left until the overlay is initialized? ] (Devlin)

[ Twenty-Eight Minutes. ] (System Guide)

I leave the temple, looking back he’s still there, he can move, I saw his arm touch the sword in his belly several times already, still with the sad look on his face.   I sigh and keep wandering around the plateau that i’m on.

After awhile of just meandering here and there I get the notification from Mary.

[ System Administration Overlay Initialized. ] System Guide\

[ Okay now what Mary? ] (Devlin)

[ Use currently materialized console, or embed optic reference system? ] (System Guide)

[ Well this is interesting, Mary what is the optic reference system? ] (Devlin)

[ Retinal implants to allow system dependent screens to display. ] (System Guide)

[ Fine, lets go with that. ] (Devlin)

[ Error, not enough faith points. ] (System Guide)

[ Faith points!? ] (Devlin)

[ Use materialized terminal to access information guides. ] (System Guide)

I then walk over to the glass table with wicker chairs.   It takes awhile since it’s nearly a half mile away right now seeing how I built the temple in the center.   Sitting down in front of the laptop I open it up and turn it on.   It only takes seconds for it to come up with a Windows 10 like environment.

[ I forgot the mouse. ] (Devlin)

I hated using the built on touchpad so I used a mouse instead.   I’m apparently just as neglectful as I was before I died.  Oh a new icon.  World 323 is labelled below it and it appears to be a thumbnail of a rotating planet that looks like the one I created.   I click it and the black screen with stars appears with the same planet rotating around, a box in the upper left has my name, title and several sets of information.

Devlin DeAngelo

Level: 1 – God

Titles: Lord of Creation and Destruction

Faith Points: 2

Error: No base system set, [ Alter System Parameters  ]

The touchpad moves slowly from my thumb, oh wait my screen is tough sensitive I move the pointer to the Alter System Parameters clickable area and tough twice.   Another window opens up in front of the rotating planet in the background.

“There are a page full of clickable areas on this, at least twenty.” {Devlin)

I click on the first one which says [ Environment ]

There are another twenty options on this page.  They’re all dropdown.  The options all appear to how the planet’s atmosphere and world design like percentage of mountains, forests, rivers and oceans.   They’re not clickable.

Clicking the close button on all of these parameters i go back and click the button labelled ‘System Wiki’ and a browser opens up with a search box.   I input ‘faith points’ and click the search, the first entry to come up is the faith points guide.   Clicking on that.

Faith points is a value that a God has that determines what they can do with their attributed powers.   Much like a unit of value, a monetary system that can be spent while utilizing those attributed powers.

Exiting the screen I notice that the ‘Faith Points’ is now clickable so I click on that.

Two clickable areas appear, one is “Buy” the other is “Purchases”, there’s a value in the upper right that shows a value of 2/day.   So that must mean that I earn 2 faith points a day?

[ Mary how do I increase the amount of faith points a day? ] (Devlin)

[ Refer to the manual on faith points. ] (System Guide)

[ Argh! Mary just answer the question! ] (Devlin)

[ System Guide cannot provide information without upgrade. ] (System Guide)

[ Oh so I can upgrade the System Guide, good to know. ] (Devlin)

I close this screen and go all the way back to the information screen for faith points.  I should be a little perturbed over this but i’m not.

Faith point generation value can be raised by the amount of followers or believers a God has.  A single follower can follow many different Gods but a believer is only applicable to a single God.