“I see.   I should make this easier on me and imagine it like one of those base building games I like to play, that have an outline of what I want to create then trigger it into existence with an action.” (Devlin)

“If that makes you like it’s easier for you, at least until you get the hang of it, for sure!” (Morgan)

“I expected myself to be a bit overwhelmed but weirdly enough i’m not.” (Devlin)

In my imagination I remembered back in years, how I was thinner, healthier, better looking my hair style.   Using that image I quickly willed myself to believe that’s how I am now.

Looking at myself my body changed near exactly.  I am now younger looking, about 21 years old at my peak.   Still nude for some reason I have ABS and toned muscles!

[ I never had toned muscles and abs before, this is a shock. ] (Devlin)

“… talk with your mouth not your mind.” (Morgan)

“I was never this fit.” (Devlin)

“You are now, hah you’re good at this.  Alright, I have to get going, the wifey gets pretty upset if i’m not home for dinner.” (Morgan)

“Wait!  What do I do now?” (Devlin)

Morgan waves his right hand goodbye and what appears to be a door like entrance way with light emanating from its sides shows up next to him.

“Ask the system guide.” Morgan nods and enters the lit up entrance and both him and that entrance disappears without any effects, it just goes away.

I’m still sitting on the white wicker chair, cookies and tea are still present.  Pouring myself another cup and adding sugar I start thinking or rather talking to myself internally in my mind.

[ How would I start talking to the guide? ] (Devlin)

[ System Guide. ] (Devlin)

[ Acknowledging primary ownership.  Devlin Deangelo as administrator of World 323. Confirm. ] (?)

This voice in my mind sounds like the voice from my phone’s GPS navigation.

[ Confirm? ] (?)

[ Yes, confirmed, affirmative. ] (Devlin)

[ Associate name with System Guide? ] (?)

Picking up a cookie and taking another sip of tea.  [ Yes, confirmed. ]

[ I’ll call you Mary, answer to both Mary and System Guide. ] (Devlin)

I also imagine the voice to be a bit more pleasant, thinking back to one of my ex-girlfriends who had an amazing voice who’s singing always captivated me, in my fuzziness of being possessed we had a difficult time being together and after a half a year she was gone.   I miss her.   I believed her voice was the systems voice.

[ System administration overlay will initialize.   One hour and thirty minutes until completion. ] (System Guide)

It didn’t feel like my now boss Morgan was here very long at all, it was still morning as far as I could tell.   I start walking around observing.    Finally reaching the edge looking down at the prairie and river 200 or so feet below.   I need to fix this.  Turning around at the lake which was once a crater I start to imagine in my head a Grecian temple a huge one with marble pillars all around it, lifted and in the center of the crater lake.   Rose bushs of every color encircling it with marble steps leading from the raise to a marble bridge with intricate designed railings both around the temple and bridge.

I tend to close my eyes while imagining, it’s a bad habit and I know that I don’t need to.   Opening my eyes I see a translucent version of what I imagined in front of me.   Oh yeah I haven’t willed it it into reality yet.   I noticed when I moved my hand I could grab onto the translucent image and move it.

[ This is just like that fallout game I played. ] (Devlin)

I start adjusting it’s position by just moving it around, I found the perfect spot for it.  If you compare the size it was as I was imagining it.  Roughly six stories high and there are ten pillars in the front around eight feet separating each one, five on each side with a gap between the left and right where another pillar would be but instead is for the entrance way.  Additionally it’s fourteen pillars long, with about eight feet between each one.   I willed it into existence.

[ I forgot to imagine the interior.  ] (Devlin)

I start walking up to it, noticing the ridges on the pillars and the steps that leveled the building.   The archway for the entrance has a large golden double door.   At least fourteen feet high.

[ The rose bushs really look out of place leading directly into the water like that, i’ll fix it later. They’re pretty though so maybe if I make a garden path raised above the lake that goes around. ] (Devlin)

I enter the temple i just created, opening one side of the large golden doors.   Looking inside I was amazed.   Looks like the universe did indeed fill in the gaps to what I wanted.  A giant statue of myself at the end, more pillars on each side holding up the angled roof.  Walkways that lead all around of each floor that kept the center area open and expansive.   I then walk up to the be closer to the statue at the end.

[ Oh this is bad. ] (Devlin)

Using my imagination again I imagined the statue now sitting on a throne wearing a type of togo and not nude!   I immediately willed it.

The statue now looks like the thinking man statue about ten times larger then I am while sitting on a marble throne.   The plaque below it, is I imagined it to be.   Lord of Creation and Destruction, Devlin.   I omitted my last name, no one needs to know that

Still the area seems a bit empty and its rather dark inside even though there are stained glass of random patterns on each floor.    I then spotted something on the side wall near the entrance, on the right side.