“So I am going to assume some things, right?  First in my old life I died and while I was floating in nothingness I created my own heaven for my soul to live in for the rest of my days?” (Devlin)

With an amazed look on his face Morgan starts smiling.  “Amazing!  You’re so close!”

“You died, I brought your soul here which in essence is your conscience here to this are of the universe.   When you got here you, yourself thought into existence this planet, it’s moon, the star it resides under, the other planets in this system and everything that had to exist for this planet to be here into a reality.” (Morgan)

I put the cup down as it was now empty and just stared while being dumbfounded.

[ I did this? ] (Devlin)

“You’re using your inner voice again.” (Morgan)

“I did this?!” (Devlin)

“Yes, you did.  You had help though, the universe itself filled in the gaps of course.   What you did without any prior explanation on what to do in itself is amazing ya know.” (Morgan)

“I guess it would be.  You mind if I ask you who you are though?” (Devlin)

Morgan than stands and stairs up into the sky.   It was still the morning to what I could tell and the sun wasn’t yet at its peak.

“I’m what you call an Administrator.  This is one of my areas that are within my domain.  A domain is a section of the universe where an Administrator has control over.” (Morgan)

“So you’re a God?” (Devlin)

“Oh you’re so close again!  No i’m not a God, consider me as the manager of a company, not quite the CEO but in charge of a division.    You coincidentally in that context work for me.” (Morgan)

Since my brain was fuzzy for so many years I never really held a job.   I spent my time on the internet helping people with their own websites and enjoying online games to keep my mind occupied.   At least that’s how it turned out since my brain and my actions didn’t work properly since that time.

I now have a idea about what happened.

[ I died, he brought my consciousness here to work for him. ] (Devlin)

“You did it again, talking in your head instead of just talking.” (Morgan)

“Sorry, old habits.   My thoughts and talking didn’t always do the same thing.” (Devlin)

Morgan than turned around and stared at me with an angry frown while I was sitting still on the white wicker chair.

“You were possessed.   Another consciousnesses who escaped from their own end attached itself to you.   Your capacity for thought was large enough for it to hide in you, then eventually taking over you. ” (Morgan)

“Ah?  That does explain why I always felt like I was looking through the eyes of someone else.” (Devlin)

“You’re still taking this quite well.” (Morgan)

“No idea why.” (Devlin)

The ghost that inhabited my body is probably the one that was inducing myself into panic.

“So what now?” (Devlin)

“What do you think of religion? I mean in an essence about a God or Gods that rule over the world.” (Morgan)

As I sit though thinking back to my earlier days.

“Religion is a necessary tool to help ease the minds of the people that don’t want to understand the science behind events that happen.” (Devlin)

“I knew I liked you.” (Morgan)

“Thanks, … I guess? (Devlin)

His angry face is no longer apparent and Morgan was once again smiling.

“Your job here is to be this worlds God.  Or one of them.  This is the world you created so you will be the God of Creation and Destruction.   Whether or not your decisions lead to having more Gods with you is entirely up to you. (Morgan)

I’m currently sitting with a what could appear to be in deep thought but I am just in a stupor.

“When I got here I placed some safeguards and made some settings to the systems parameters that will help you and also stop you from going overboard.  I know you spent a lot of time at your computer, whether or not it was you or the ghost that was manipulating you, your ‘self’ also understood everything you were doing.   This is going to make things easier.” (Morgan)

“In what way?  There’s no technology here.” (Devlin)

“Isn’t there?” (Morgan)

“This is apparently a world that I just created, I haven’t seen any creature habitations or signs of any life of any kind when I was approaching, how could there be.” (Morgan)

“Your will.  You are the God of Creation and Destruction now.  What your imagination can think of will happen.  Lets give it a try.  Imagine a laptop, everything about it and don’t worry the universe will fill in the gaps, whether you know how the internals work or not.” (Morgan)

For the next couple of minutes I imagined the laptop I used to own, the screen size, the monitor, all of the ports and connections and I imagined it on the glass table next to me.

“Good, I see you have a clear picture of it, you have an incredible imagination, i’m impressed again.   Now you have it imagined .. Will it into existence.   Just imagining it doesn’t make it happen, you have to believe what you imagine to happen.” (Morgan)

I then believe it’s going to be on the table next to me, when I stop imagining it, it is there.

“Don’t go overboard and just believe in creating just anything, the system will stop the ability of just creating anything and everything, it has to be with a pure belief of wanting it to happen for your creation or destruction ability to work.” (Morgan)

“I see.   I should make this easier on me and imagine it like one of those base building games I like to play, that have an outline of what I want to create then trigger it into existence with an action.” (Devlin)

“If that makes you like it’s easier for you, at least until you get the hang of it, for sure!” (Morgan)