Well since this is in my mind of where I would like to live in, in my next life I probably made it.

[ Lets take a closer look then. ]

I will myself to get closer and closer, entering the atmosphere I feel the clouds around me, sensations and feelings of my body that I didn’t have before start coming back to me.


Feeling like the closer I get to the plains on that peninsula the more I feel my body is coming back to me.   I look at myself and yes, although i’m naked my body has returned.

I’m not proud of it of course, years of neglect and a stationary lifestyle wrecking havoc on myself.  An over-zealous example of a dad-bod for sure.   Protruding belly, unkempt beard and worse of all a lack of lung capacity from the years that I was a smoker.

[ I don’t feel the need to smoke.  That’s good. ]

I always wanted to quit but since my mind was in such a state of turmoil any unpleasantness I felt was associated with having to light one up.

[ Am I falling? ]

The gravity is now pulling me at an alarming rate.

[ I just got here and now i’m going to die again! Wait .. isn’t this just a comatose induced dream anyways? heh, no worries then. ]

My falling now is getting awfully close to the mountains, I’m now trying to use my body to glide to where I want to be.

[ I’m not going to make it! ]

I’m aiming for the plains area but i’m too close to the mountainous terrain, I start aiming for the river flowing down from the basins at the top of the mountain.

Smack I go into the river and the rocks and water start flying everywhere.  I’m still tumbling down the mountain along the path of the river.   I figuratively hear the onomatopoeia sound of when I land on a cliff side several hundred feat on the mountain above the peninsula below.   I literally looked like one of those rag doll physic concepts in video games, arms flailing about and everything.

[ Kabooom! ]

Yes that’s the sound I said and heard at the same time,  The entire area’s landscape changed into a mile wide crater on this cliff, the walls of the mountain became an amphitheater in appearance as the river above became split and cascaded down the sides instead of straight through as it once did.

The river being split now flowed on the sides reconnecting itself near the edge where it once flowed down, near the center edge of the crater, back on the path it once had.   It wasn’t a small stream either and since it now wasn’t deep like it was started to fill the crater itself.

“Well that’s no good.”

[ Oh, i’m talking normally again and not just in my mind. ]

Feeling the ground moving and a large sound of earth on the right side looking in moving I hastily jumped up.    That side of the river appears to have created a hole into something below and started flowing through it.

It was a long walk to move closer to see what happened.   Looking around I notice the other waterfall on the left side looking in remained unchanged while the split of the river on the right side the river from the waterfall there went into the crevice to parts unknown.

“Nice, I thought it would take longer for you to get here.” (?)

Quickly looking behind me was a person!  A tall blonde haired Elf in a suit and tie.

“Oh great.” (me)

I’m rubbing my hands against my temples.

“Just what I need another hallucination.” (me)

“Nope.” (?)

He’s smiling from ear to ear I assume finding my reaction to him appearing out of nowhere to be amusing to him.

“Okay, introductions.   You’re Devlin Diangelo,  I already know that already.   You may call me Morgan.” (Morgan)

“Hey.” (Devlin)

Awkward pause with a halfhearted wave of greeting.

[ So i’m dead afterall. ]

“Yes .. and No.  you were dead and now you’re not.” (Morgan)

Morgan starts to stretch his arms out and yawns.

“It’s been a long day, shall we have some tea?” (Morgan)

We approach a glass patio table with white wicker chairs, a full compliment of cookies and cakes along with a tea set which of course I knew wasn’t there before but now is.

Currently the impact point, crater which I created is now full of water and the river started to head back down its original path on the mountain as we sat down we were on the elevated edge of it with the table.

“You’re taking this rather well.” (Morgan)

“I have gotten used to being in a panic state from the littlest things that happened.  I have no idea why i’m not entirely freaked out right now.   I’m thinking that it’s because i’m still believing that this is a dream i’m having while in a coma.” (Devlin)

Morgan fills up two cups of tea and hands one cup to me.

“Sugar?” (Morgan)

“Yeah, 3 cubes if you could.” (Devlin)

Morgan places 3 cubes into my cup and sits down without touching his cup, but he grabs a cookie and eats it.

Another awkward pause and half of a smile from myself later.

He’s not saying anything even now, however he took several more cookies while slowly looking around.  Taking a sip of his tea he still hasn’t said anything.

[ What is with this guy? ] (Devlin)

[ Why isn’t he giving me the monologue just like one of the stories that I got hooked on. ] (Devlin)

More awkward silence and a sheepish grin from Morgan.

[ Well, whatever. ] (Devlin)

“You know you’re talking within your mind again and not with your mouth and saying things, and yes I can hear them.” (Morgan)

[ That’s a bit embarrassing. ]  “That’s a bit embarrassing” (Devlin)

“Close enough.”  Morgan says as he giggles.

“So I am going to assume some things, right?  First in my old life I died and while I was floating in nothingness I created my own heaven for my soul to live in for the rest of my days?” (Devlin)