Being a ‘member’ of is given to anyone who has ever donated $25 or more.    I have never really wanted any funds from people, never really ask for them for the assistance that I provide.  So, in order for me to feel like it’s worth something;   you giving something to me, I feel like I should give something to you.

To those people who have been generous, I give back to you.   If you have an account on Frumph.NET, I can flag it as being a ‘member’ which then you will see ‘additional information’ and insights to my life, coding and other things that will never be privy to just the random user visiting. As well as one on one tech support via the Chat.

If you do not have membership and have donated in the past; contact me so I can set your flag.   I often times just completely forget to set accounts.  It’s nothing personal but please, contact me so I can set your members flag.

– Phil