Currently not available to be hired.


All rates are based on me doing all the work, if you want assistance at anytime while I am on the Frumph Chat, that will always be free.

Database/Hacked Repair – Flat fee $50 / Unlimited hours to fix.

ComicPress Version Upgrades (from 2.7 – Current Release) $25 / hour (usually takes 1 hour ($25)) Includes creation of custom child theme.

Simple site design w/ComicPress: $100,  If you are in my chat and I am not busy I will willingly help for free.

Advanced Site Design, starts at $450 and $25/hour after the first 20 hours. (usually takes 10-15 hours)

Custom Database Integration with Editor & Search the database $600 and $25/hour after the first 10 hours.

WordPress installation and upgrades: $25

Layered .PSD to theme $350+ (dependent on complexity) to start $25/hour every hour after the first 10 hours.

Technical Support for any wordpress / comicpress situation or error, free on chat.    If you wish personalized help where I do the work my rate is $10/hour, unless the site design is by me, then it is free.