1. Download and Install WordPress.
  2. Download ComicPress 2.9.2.x and upload it into a directory called “comicpress” in lowercase in your theme directory. Do not install it in a directory UNDER comicpress, install it INTO that directory. Copy the files from the zip file with your ftp program into /wp-content/themes/comicpress/ – Alternatively you can use the wp-admin -> appearance -> themes -> install themes -> [search for] ComicPress -> Install which will automatically install it and put it in the correct place.
  3. Create a directory that you will use to store your comic files  in the same directory you installed wordpress.   Generally people name is “comics”.
  4. In your WordPress dashboard administration area, /wp-admin/ go to Appearance→Themes and select the ComicPress 2.9 theme or associated child theme that you installed.
  5. In your WordPress dashboard administration go to Post→Categories and add 2 categories, add “Comic” and “News“, so you will have 3 categories, Comic, Blog and Uncategorized categories.
  6. Edit the comicpress-config.php file inside the wp-content/themes/comicpress directory and set the category ID #’s of the Primary Comic and Blog categories and directory names, as well as the count of how many posts you would like to display on the home page.
  7. Go to Dashboard→Appearance→ComicPress Options and select the theme layout you want to use and click save. Go through all the different tabs and get overwhelmed by all the options.
  8. Use FTP to upload your comics to the comics directory that you have created.  Upload your first comic. Remember the file names need to be in this format YYYY-MM-DD-title-of-comic.ext ext = jpg png gif swf example: 2009-08-26-I-have-been-assimilated.jpg is perfectly valid for a file name, do NOT use any non alpha characters like $#!+@%^&*(){}[] just letters, numbers and dashes in the filename. Also if your setting a title, do NOT use a number as the title.
    2009-08-26-1.jpg ← Will cause problems, do not use numbers  in the title portion of the filename.
  9. Posts→Add New, create a new post, set that post as the date that you want the comic to be displayed on,  this is the same date that you named the file as.
  10. Comic posts can only be set in a single category, do not set multiple categories on it, especially a blog category.