Download Location: Will be available from the WordPress repository (if/when) the theme review team checks it out. (or) can be downloaded from github atย

The Customizer was broken since 4.1 release, this release fixes the customizer. It also now defaults to the no-scheme. The Warning is that it’s very highly possible that you will have to reset the customizer via the appearance -> ComicPress Options button at the bottom to make it work again on your site. Most people have not needed to.

CSS Changes:
* Removed the color stylings for .menunav area for the RSS button and mininav so that the customizer can take it over
* Default blue background removed from being default

HTML Changes: none

Child Theme Changes:
* You can now add replacement files for functions/ and widgets/ in the child theme to override the themes files

* translation and typo fixes by Kniebremser
* removed unused functions
* removed unused images
* minor change for blognav-prev and next by Kniebremser
* breadcrumbs update by Kniebremser
* revamped the customizr to work with WP 4.1+
* fixed custom-header.php to remove the checkbox
* removed all defaults from customizr and set base to no-scheme
* using get_template_part for loading of functions and widgets now
* added add_theme_support(‘title_tag’) removed wp_title from header.php