* No longer saves data to the database unless you click save in the comicpress options
* logic change on featured image for non-comics
* fixed a few localization strings that weren’t set properly to ‘comicpress’
* fixed a few strings that weren’t set as translatable localization
* removed suggested plugins completely
* removed help panel completely when updating from old version of comicpress (migration help)
* removed extra ” from circle me line in functions.php
* word change for describing youtube channel for the social icons in the menubar
* sidebar.php cleanup so it shows empty if it executes from a plugin
* several comicpress->jetpack plugin adjustments
* removed the blog.php template per request from theme review teams many silly requirements
* option added on the general tab to enable the project wonderful asyncronus code into the header
* above-blog sidebar shows on all pages now – not just the home page
* checkbox in appearance -> header now works in conjunction with the make hotspot option in the customizer
* added value checks in the customizer (sanitization)
* the id=”comments” ‘discussion’ line will now appear whether there are comments or not
* added commented out line in the functions.php that when uncommented will stop wordpress from recompressing images on upload
* updated translation files en_US and de_DE