Okay, so yeah.  There *will* be a few things that will be an issue in 4.3 of WordPress, things to note:

If you don’t update Comic Easel &or ComicPress

1) You will get ‘function deprecation’ notices if you have php warnings enabled on most all widgets that come with either.

If you do update Comic Easel &or ComicPress (from the repo/github when they’re ready)

1) You will *not* get the notices

2) The class names and ID’s for the widgets will change meaning that if you have custom CSS for any widgets those will need to be redone; which includes the custom look that ComicPress has which i’m just going to strip out of ComicPress anyways.


So yeah, widgets.  Widgets will be what changes in the updates;  if your widget isn’t showing then just re-add it from the appearance -> widgets section after upgrading ComicPress &or Comic Easel.

– Phil

p.s. working on updating the widgets in both things, not done yet; will post when they’re done and how to get the new comicpress, comic-easel will update in the wordpress repo.


UPDATE: No, you will now not lose any skinning cause of the class changes to widgets, figured out that part.   So when you upgrade CE and CP you will just lose the warning messages ;/

UPDATE #2 – 5pm 08/16/2015 –  Apparently if you’re using the navigation widget you need to put it back into the under comic sidebar .. soo sorry/apologize the identifier for it changed with the new widget code