The King gasps with what the Emperor God said.   He’s a loving, doting father who of course wouldn’t want his children to come to harm.

“My .. children?” (Edward)

“Yes, the twins, your kids.. you remember them right?” (Morgan)

Morgan is smiling with a small snort because he purposely worded what he said to cause the King some discomfort which made it all the more funny to him.

“Now.. if I remember correctly their name is Aleah and Ed jr jr jr jr jr jr jr jr,  right?” (Morgan grinning like crazy)

“Edward .. the 8th… Excellency please .. no .. take me instead they are young with a full life ahead of them…” (King)

Edward isn’t laughing along with Morgan he’s quite in a dazed stupor because he doesn’t want to defy the Emperor God with the request to take his beloved children.

“Hah, I see I’ve taken my kidding around with you a bit too far, I’m sorry Ed.  May I call you Ed?  What I mean is that I will be sending those lovely children of yours to a school in uhm, our realm for about three months.  You’ll miss them i’m sure but it won’t be that long.” (Morgan)

The King now drenched with the sweat is still looking like he’s going to pass out from the exhaustive thought of having his children taken from  him closes his eyes and exhales a sigh that quite literally sounded he deflated the last 5 minutes of this conversations breathing in.

The Prime Minister added another checklist to his mental note about informing the church about the new God that is coming.  He’s going to mention ‘Emperor God Morgan, Creator God of Benevolence and Mirth’.  Mirth being a nice way of saying a sardonic sense of humor.

Morgan looks directly at the Prime Minister and laughs heartily while reaching out to the Minister to hold his shoulder to keep himself from falling over while giggling.   It’s as if the Emperor God knew what was going through the Prime Ministers mind.

“No.. not the God of Mirth.. I’m just happy that is all.” (Morgan)

The Prime Minister without a doubt fully believed this person is a God now.  Morgan read his mind or can hear his thoughts.

After getting control of himself from the thought that he is the God of Mirth Morgan remembers the dinner’s with his wife and son where he tried to tell jokes to them that utterly failed.

“Hah, if Danielle were here she would absolutely chastise you for thinking that i’m the God of Mirth.” (Morgan)

“Danielle?  The name of our Empress God?” (PM)

“Yes .. Danielle never call her Dani she will tear you apart if you did that.” (Morgan)

Dani being Morgan’s pet name for her.  She hates it when other people call her that since it’s not Morgan.

“Oh yeah, our son’s name is Rain.”  Morgan proudly says.

“Like the drops of water that fall from the sky?” (Edward)

“Exactly, because he brought us new life and rejuvenates our world.” (Morgan)

‘Our world’ meaning that as a family it is their first child.  To the people around him right now they believe that it means to this world they live in now.

Morgan is acting like a doting father just like King Edward,  The King now realizes why he liked Morgan so much.

The trio are now standing near the Queen and siblings.  The fourteen year olds are being pampered by their mother.  Aleah is having her brush haired while sitting in front of her and Edward is staring at the guards while taking notes in his mind of where the guards need improvements.

“Aleah .. Eddie .. can I call you Eddie?  .. Would you like to go to school for a few months in our realm for some special education?” (Morgan)

Edward the 8th and Aleah immediately stood up and bowed to the Emperor.

“If that is what you wish of us your Excellency.” (Edward the 8th)

“Your Excellency while I wish to partake in education may I ask some questions? (Aleah)

“Sure of course, ask away.” (Morgan)

“The lands have been overtaken by the Demons Army and beasts.  What our most able scouts that have come back have told us, there is no other Kingdom that has survived besides the tribes to the south.”  (Aleah)

Aleah eyes her mother the Queen while still bowing.  The Queen gives her a look like as if you better not embarrass us.  Flustered she continues saying whats on her mind.

“Will we be safe in travelling to your Excellency’s city?” (Aleah)

“She’s as astute you claimed King Edward.” (Morgan)

The King never actually said anything of the sort but being they’ve got a mutual understanding of being proud parents.  Morgan said that so that the King could earn some dad points with his daughter.

“Yes young Lady.  You will actually travel through a gateway that I will open here to directly travel there.   Although you cannot immediately come back, rest assured it’s only for a few months.  You will be sent back after three months for a break from the curriculum.  You can decide at that time whether you wish to continue your studies and go back.” (Morgan)

Morgan is currently giving off an aura of being a positive mentor for these two.  The Queen looks relieved by his sage like demeanor.

“The reason for the three months is impart with you some wisdom that you and your brother can use to benefit your father and this Kingdom.” (Morgan)

“Yes your Excellency,  it is my wish to partake in this endeavor to further my education.” (Aleah)

Morgan thinks to himself that Aleah is quite intelligent but utilizes words like ‘partake’ and “endeavor” too much to compensate for a lack of vocabulary while still sounding intelligent.  He’ll discuss this with his wife before picking them up for school.

“Good, .. three days from now i’ll pick you both up at noon – when the sun is at its highest.  .. See you then!” (Morgan)

A door sized entrance way again appears next to Morgan that has seams that are glowing around its edges.   He steps into it after he nodded to the King and Prime Minister.  The entrance way disappears immediately.