Three days have passed and the Emperor God appeared the same way he left, through a door like entrance way with glowing edges.

What the royal family didn’t realize is that Morgan just set the time of this garden world to advance 3 days in the matter of minutes.  For him it was just stepping through the gate, set the time-scale and then come back through again.

Morgan as he steps back through to this world he sees the twins with massive amount of luggage and King Edward and his Queen standing next to him with several dozens of guards.  Behind them next to all of the luggage were a dozen maids standing with several dozen men who looked he assumed were baggage carriers.  

When seeing Emperor Morgan walk through the magical looking gate everyone except the King and Queen drop to their knee in reverence.

Morgan motions them all to stand of course.

“Ah, it looks like you’re ready.  Ah, unfortunately I goofed up again and forgot to mention something.” (Morgan)

“?” (pretty much everyone within earshot)

“You see, Eddie.. Aleah, you will be issued everything you need.   Everything like daily necessities and clothing.   Food is also provided as well as study materials.” (Morgan)

The Queen being quite assertive about wanting her children to bring some keepsakes with them so they don’t get lonely appears to be agitated.

“While we are to understand they do not bring clothing and necessities.  Our children are quite fond of some of their belongings that remind them of home.  I am worried that they will be a bit home sick without them.” (Queen Elise)

Scratching his head as if trying to figure out how to convey this to the family.

“First lets head inside and find a nice place to chat just the four of us hmm?” (Morgan)

They all started walking past the throne room front door and head to the families living area a carriage rolls up with two very exhausted looking brown heavy war horses. 

Morgan and the royal family keep walking and pay it no mind.   The royal family and Morgan both knew it was the Prime Minister.  The Prime Minister hurries out of the carriage and follows quickly behind with what appears to be a very overweight young boy hobbling closely behind him.

“Your Excellency, My King.   A moment of your time.” (The PM)

Morgan stops there and looks back.  In that reaction the royal family did as well.  Aleah waves to the boy who is out of breath trying to catch up to everyone.

“Well hey there Mr. Prime Minister.  I’m happy to see you again.” (Morgan)

The Prime Minister while not completely out of breath like the young boy that is hopelessly even not still trying to catch up even though the location is only 100ft away;  he stops and kneels down.

“My gracious Lord.  Please allow my son to have the chance at the same education.” (the PM)

The obese boy finally catches up and gets down on one knee with his head tilted down like his father.   Morgan stares at the boy intently for several seconds.

“Young man, .. rise and tell me your name?” (Morgan)

The boy nervously stands still with his head tilted down.  He appears to be around 12 years old, several years younger then the twins.

“I am Jacque Mikael Fruer m’lord.”  (Jacque)

“Did your father pressure you into coming here?  Be honest, I can tell when someone is lying you know.” (Morgan)

“No m’lord, it is I that pressured my father to bring me here.  He is quite adamant to not disturb you or cause a scene.” (Jacque)

“What is the reason you wish to join the Prince and Princess?” (Morgan)

“I wish to be useful to my father, family and kingdom.” (Jacque)

Morgan apparently likes this kid but he knows that this kid has been spoiled and pampered his entire life.   

“It will be hard for you.   Your training unlike Aleah and Eddie will take several years, not several months.   You will not see your family during that time are you prepared for that?” (Morgan)

After hearing the reason why and the Emperor God’s response see’s his son with a bit more respect but still .. several years.

“Jacque…. no..” (the PM)

“I wasn’t aware it will be years… though I have resolved that I will do whatever is necessary, my wish is to learn.  The education I can receive here although quite good I don’t believe it will compare to what I could  learn by going with Prince Edward and Princess Aleah.” (Jacque)

Morgan pretends to deliberate on his answer but he’s already decided so he gives a wry smile.

“Sure, you may come along.  You will be in different classes then the twins but you have a certain attitude that I like.” (Morgan)

Morgan then turns around towards the royal family and the entrance to the living area of the King they all proceed to go in.   Jacque looks at the carriage and motions for his attendant to bring his bags.

“Noooo luggage!” (Morgan speaks loudly while not even bothering to turn around to look)

The attendant places the bags back on top of the carriage while the Prime Minister surprises his son with a huge fatherly hug.   Then they again try to catch up with everyone else who has already entered.