Trying to catch up to the Morgan and King Edward is a rather plump man in an overly flashy robe which unfortunately is too long and trips him often.  

Today is no exception, catching up to the two the large man trips and is about to fumble right into the previously proclaimed Emperor Morgan.  Too bad it’s a miss.   The man plunges right through him as if Morgan is a ghost. 

“Whoops.” (Morgan)

Morgan snickers remembering he left the magic that made him Ethereal enabled.   Ethereal is a spell that allows the user and whatever he’s holding to be unaffected by physical contact.

Morgan while showing signs that he’s completely amused by the fumbling man reaches his hands out to help the man up.

“Are you alright Prime Minister?” (Morgan)

“Yes.. yes i’m fine!” (PM)

He wasn’t.  When he reached out to grasp hold of Morgans outstretched hands he couldn’t.  

“Ahhh ahhhh!” (PM)

[“Ethereal Off”]

Finally able to grab onto the Morgans hands the Prime Minister let’s out a contemptuous sigh.

“What was that your excellency?” (PM)

“It’s an ability that doesn’t allow anything to be able to touch or harm  me.” (Morgan)

This world doesn’t have much knowledge when it comes to magic.  The only traces of magic has been from aged old men who have spent a lifetime studying to manipulate mana.

“Well as I was about to hear from Good King Edward here the outcome of what occurred after I left you came stumbling along.  I do apologize for laughing at the unfortunate mishap.” (Morgan)

The King and Prime Minister quickly glance at each other.  They hypothesized that Morgan was a God a long time ago.

“Now, as I was saying.” (Edward)

“We interrogated those who shone red and questioned those who shone blue.” (Edward)

Morgan understood what he meant by interrogated.  They tortured those people.

“We deduced for the most part what the Gods expect of us.”  (Edward)

“And that is?” (Morgan)

Morgan was waiting for this.  The King’s a sharp individual and can easily correlate information.

“The Gods do not like slavery.  They absolutely hate Murder. They love people who give to others out of kindness but not obligation.”  (Prime Minister)

“And?” (Morgan)

The kingdoms highest ranked officials glanced at each other again.

“I apologize your Excellency” (King Edward)

“This is all we have been able to deduce so far from analyzing the behaviors and pasts of the people we have … been involved with.”  (Prime Minister)

“This is an excellent start.  Have you made any edicts concerning those that you have figured out so far?” (Morgan)

“Yes, we’ve implemented laws and statutes for making slavery illegal kingdom wide.  As well as to subsidize those who employed slaves for work related tasks for 5 years time from the kingdoms own coffers.” (Prime Minister)

“So they can rehire those slaves as proper workers.” King Edward interjected.

“We’ve done away with most corporal punishments for anything lesser then murder and even then appointed a judicial committee to oversee all transgressions.” (Prime Minister)

“Utilizing a fining system for offenders who break the law we allow those people to work off their debt through a system we call Kingdom Services, those individuals if unable to pay their fines must spend their time working to the betterment of the Kingdom   They do earn a small stipend during that time for minor living expenses, shelter and food but nothing like if they were earning a normal wage.”  (King Edward)

“There were many immigrants who were women who have lost their husbands due to the demons that attacked their cities, farms and villages.  We have opened up the laws to allow polygamy to even the lowest of class.” (Prime Minister)

Morgan was thrilled about these changes.   It’s getting there he thought to himself.

“There’s something I want you to implement as well,  one of them being that the Nobles are inheritable jobs, they work for the people.   While the positions can be inherited by the kin of their families you must stress to them that if they do not do right by the job they hold they can be replace.” (Morgan)

King Edward puffs up his chest and proudly acknowledges this with a smile.

“I have always believed this, as the right method to govern.   Everyone who has a post understands this and if they don’t.  They are replaced promptly.” (King Edward)

“Sweet.”  (Morgan)

Prime Minister looks quite confused at this response.  (What’s ‘Sweet’?  Is he eating some sugar?  I didn’t see him eat some sugar)  He then shrugs and starts thinking it’s a God Thing.

After a little while of casually strolling around the sides of the castle they eventually turn around to head back to the training yard.   After an exhausting amount of time where no one said anything.  Morgan quietly proclaims to both the Prime Minister and King.

“My son will be arriving to this world soon.” (Morgan)

The King and Prime Minister both have their jaws drop.  They understood there was the Emperor God and apparently at least one amazing Empress God who has the ability to control Morgan-God with a fury.   .. However a new God on top of that which is their son.   They need to tell the churches immediately.

“Oh, .. and i’ll be taking your children.”  (Morgan)