Morgan leans down to kiss his wife Danielle as their son is walking through the door.

“Ehh come on!  ugh!  You guys are always at it!”  (son)

Their son takes his blazer off and hangs it on a coat hanger in the closet next to the door while casually slipping his shoes off then continues to the kitchen area.

“I’ll have you know we just started.” (Morgan)

“Dad…. ” (son)

(“He hasn’t had a girlfriend yet has he?”) (Morgon) 

(“Nope, come here..”) (Danielle)

Morgan whispers to Danielle out of range of their son hearing.

An alarm starts to go off on a device attached to Morgan’s collar that has an emblem on it that is their families crest.    The sound is an alert from Morgan’s favorite campy sci-fi show ‘Space Trek’.

Morgan politely gets up off the couch while Danielle moves out of his way and he heads back to his study.  Opening up his console as he walks he checks the alert message.

[ World 323 – 1:1 Time Scale ]

After entering the study and closing the studies door he opens an entrance way on the wall on the opposite side, it’s the same height as his door to the study, its seams are glowing white around the edges and he steps inside.

It’s the throne room he recently left, however it is empty of people this time.

Lifting his hand up he starts to gather mana from inside his body and thinks to himself.  

[“Invisibility”] [“Sound Proof Barrier”]

Morgan is now invisible and his body no longer makes any noise when he moves.  Walking up the steps to the door to the royal families living area he steps inside.

Looking around the only people he finds in the living area are the two guards guarding the bottom of the stairs at the front entrance of the living area.   He exits the area  while staring at the sun shining through the window.

[ It’s about noon, clear day .. I wonder where they are. ]


He walks straight through the wall and doors so it doesn’t appear like a ghost is opening and closing the front entrance ways, he goes outside.

The front of the king’s castle is a large garden on both sides of a cobblestone carriage turn-about that leads to the entrances.   In the distance past the main gates the city is alive with people.  

To the right of Morgan, past the garden that surrounds the cobblestone road he see’s a group of soldiers practicing and a large canopy with some people watching the soldiers.   He notices immediately the King and Queen are there.

Casually walking towards the groups Morgan pauses for a moment while watching the Prince and Princess practicing their sword arts with the troops.  Then he continues on to where he’s standing right next to the King while they are sipping noon tea.   

Morgan leans down closely to the King.

[“Invisibility Off”] [“Sound Barrier Off”]

“BOO.” (Morgan)

The King jumps up and freaks out. “Ahhh!!!”

Morgan can’t contain himself and starts laughing.   The soldiers weren’t very alert so it took themselves a second to draw their swords those who were practicing with the twins turned around and took a stance. 

The Queen with a small giggle waves off the troop to stand down.

“Hah!”  The King  nods to Morgan and gives a polite (I’m the King I don’t bow lower then this to anyone) response to Morgan.   The Queen stands up and gives a Curtsy to Morgan and the twins rush forward and kneel with their swords at a respectful blade down.

“Good to see you all.. so how did it go?”  (Morgan)

The soldiers who were watching this interaction immediately turned towards Morgan and went down on their knee’s as well with respect.   They didn’t know who this person was but if they didn’t they felt they would get a lashing.   The other soldiers followed their example.

Morgan watched the soldiers do this and motioned everyone to get up and go about what they were doing.  The people who were watching from the windows of the court offices above the courtyard where the soldiers were practicing disappeared from staring down and hurriedly were rushing down to see what was happening.

“Shall we take a walk?” (King Edward)

“Hmm sure, it’s a beautiful day.” (Morgan)