[ Dear, it’s time for dinner. ]

The Emperor looked up for a moment.

[ Be there in a sec. ]

“Anyways, sorry about this, .. but Edward look into it yourself would you? I have to run or else i’ll face the wraith of my wife.”

King Edward stood up in shock, what he see’s before him was the proclaimed Emperor Morgan opening an entrance in front of him that appeared to be a passageway or door that glowed at it seams.

As soon as he was gone, glowing white circles appeared under all of the golden clad Knights and the armor and gear fell into the holes under them, what was left behind were the guards and knights of his own kingdom looking around as if wondering what happened.

In a room which looked like it was a study, a couch, bookshelf and a very beautiful office chair.  On one side of the room the same entrance that Morgan used appeared on the wall, it’s edges glowing a strong white glow.   He steps into the room and smiles as he appreciates his office that he’s put together since it was all due his tastes.

The door to his office opens.

“Ah there you are, are you still setting up his birthday present?”

A stunningly beautiful blonde woman who appeared to be in her early 20’s approximately the same looking age as Morgan was standing at the entrance way to the office wearing what appeared to be very comfortable modern clothes with an apron.

“Yes, although I should probably check up on them again after dinner.”

Morgan opened up a console that appeared in front of him, he motioned with his hands to two dials that were on the screen.  

“Let’s see.. 10 years sounds good, no … the kids were still young, make it 2 years.  Dinner will take a couple hours so 2 hours set.”

The console changed information to display 2 years to pass in 2 hours.   With a [submit] button below.

Morgan pressed the submit button and followed his wife to another room in the house as the console faded away from his view.

“Well, what was it like?”

“The society was really bad except for one kingdom.   I ended up triggering a Demon Lord scenario that wiped away practically almost everything.   Although that kingdom showed a lot of promise and i’m sure our boy would like to not start completely from scratch.”

“Ah I see.”

“Dani  I have a favor though.”

Morgan looked at his wife using the pet name he gives her with puppy dog eyes.

“I already anticipated what you were going to ask.   My garden will be expecting some new pupils.”

Morgan in his mind noticed the Prince and Princess and thought how outstanding they were as children and how they were raised by such fine parents. 

Both of  them were eating the dinner that Danielle – Morgan’s wife diligently cooked.  It was a nice sized steak with mashed potatoes, beef gravy and sides of steamed veggies.

“Where’s the boy now?”   Morgan looked at the empty seat that was supposed to have their son in it.

“He said he was going to spend some time with his friends since he’s graduating soon.”

“Well that’s alright then.”

After dinner the two went to the living room and were sitting together with the wife laying her head on his lap, they were watching a display on the wall that was showing some other’s who appeared to be around the same age as them showing off their worlds.

The front door opened which was easy to see from their vantage point and a young man wearing a school uniform stepped through.