The throne room can be described as a bit too over-the-top lavish.    A ballroom dance floor is currently covered by expensive rugs.   On the sides there appears to be pullout bleacher made of a rich dark wood that is stained to be glossy to which they are currently put back into the walls for which they came and covered with a solid red felt like tapestries that hide them.

The throne itself is at it appears to be made of the the same wood with golden finishes and etches.  It sits at the end of the huge columned room and raised by 3 stairs about a foot in height for each one.

The door King Edward and his family entered from was in the back behind the royal curtains that are placed on the top step.   Emperor Morgan can be seen standing next to the King’s seat and motioning as if to sit down as soon as he can. 

To the left (right of the entrance looking at the throne) is the Queen Mothers chair which is made of the same wood and finish but not clad in the same golden etchings.   The two children sit in chairs to the Kings right.   Similar but smaller then the queens.

After they all take their places and finally able to focus on what was happening in front of them.   

Every member of his court, from sages to painters, educators and  the prime minister; everyone who works in the castle itself were held down individually by a golden clad Knight; even the maids that were just recently cleaning the breakfast up were brought here. 

The throne itself room, even as large as it is was filled from end to end with guards force-ably holding each person down.   To a wry smile of the Queen who noticed the youngest children were not held down she sighed worrying for their safety.

There, in the middle of the front of the group was the Prime Minister.

“You cannot treat our Royal Self like this!”

That same Prime Minister, the ear of the King, the one who quarrels with Edward was also of a noble rank, Duke.  If the King should fall he would be next in line after his son.  He is a portly man, true to the stereotypical arrogance that attaches itself to the royals.

“Oh do shut up.” 

Emperor Morgan proclaimed.  Immediately the Prime Ministers voice could no longer be heard.  No matter what facial expressions he made nothing audible was found.

“Now Edward i’m going to do something and it might sting a little so please hold from screaming.”

Before the shock of what the Emperor had said Edwards eyes were covered by the Emperors hands.   King Edward screamed as he felt his eyes were on fire penetrating to the depths and back of his brain.

After a few minutes Emperor Morgan snapped his fingers in front of the King.

“Uhm, Edward .. you can open your eyes .. do they still hurt?  The residual pain should fade within the next 10 minutes, don’t stress.”

When King Edward opened his eyes he had to readjust how to see.   He concentrated on focusing first on his hands then at the crowd in front of him.

“Amazing…   Each person has a feint glow, blue…red… or yellow, what does this  mean? What did you do to me?”

“I gave you a gift.  Shouldn’t you be thanking me?”

“How do I know its a gift and not a curse I don’t know what those colors mean.  ..why is your glow golden?”

The Kings brain is finally registering some commonality to the colors.  All of the golden Knights had a feint white-yellow glow.  Most all of the children as well.   Intermixed were shades of red covering most of his staff the maids were all blue except one who was a deep red.   The King never liked that one so he starts to hypothesize on what had occurred.

“You changed my vision to see who I like and who I don’t?”

“Not quite.  What I did was give you God’s Eyes, to see who was evil and who is good.  By good I mean those who align with the moralities of the Gods.”

Murmurs and astonished looks came from everyone in the area that can hear them.  Some of the nobles even tried to forcefully get released from their predicament and escape.   The King noticed that they had a brighter red outline then the rest.

“So tell me Morgan, what is the criteria for which you say is morally objectionable that they would be tainted with this red glow.”

“Ah you are the wise King  that your subjects speak of to ask such a question.  It’s simple, Prime Minister you should be taking notes shouldn’t you?”

Emperor Morgan was surprised to find the Prime Minister had a light blue glow around him when at first he was placed in this room.   The Prime Minister motioned to one of the maids that was not tightly held down to fetch a quill ink and parchment.   Of course the maid was alert to what was happening and knew what he wanted, she giggles on the inside knowing that the Prime Minister still couldn’t talk.

“Go ahead and let him sit at one of the side tables to write.” 

The golden Knight lifted his hands from the Prime Minister then walked to behind the desk where he wanted him to sit.

“Alright, here’s the list, do pay attention.”