King Edward who now appears to have been defeated mentally, slouched down in the chair where his breakfast was placed.  His chair, the one that he always used as the head of his country felt uncomfortable and foreign to him.

His eyes focused downward in shame, not wanting to look up at his what he thought the most precious possessions in his country – his family.

When he heard his daughter squeak out a simple “Father…” his mood went even deeper into sorrow.

The King was known as the most fair and righteous leader in all the lands.  Giving emphasis on the welfare of the people he nurtured the noble families to take the stance that the people employed them to govern, that they, the noble families were not above the common folk but were standing beside them.

He set motions to pay for education for all children from the kingdoms treasury,  he outwardly criticized and denounced anyone and everyone for discrimination between the genders and races.

To everyone in his country.   He was a good king.  Good King Edward.  

He motioned to Edward and Elise, his children to come closer to him.  The moment they got close he surprised them with the hugs that only a doting father could give.

“It will turn out well.  You heard him, our people will not fall to ruin.”


The twins who recently reached the age of 12 hugged him back.  They knew how their father loved his country, his family and his ideals.

“Finish eating.” the mother Queen promptly stated.  “Remember your teachings, a proper breakfast will keep your heart and your mind healthy through the day.”   

She had a small tear of happiness for her husbands loving nature.

Even with the uncertainty of what was going to happen they knew that it was important to keep a positive outlook even in the most dire of times.

The country of Ondalier is the smallest one on the continent, it was also the richest one.   Bordering the sea as well as safely encompassed by high and impassable mountain ranges.   The weather having 4 seasons were never harsh and the crops are able to grow healthy.

Unlike the rest of the world It was a good place to live.  Corruption, slavery and harsh winters were all too common in the northern countries.  To the south was desolation, wastelands and ‘the tribes’.

Standing up and pulling himself together.  The maids promptly adjusted the families clothing and cleaned up after the royal family.  

“Thank you.”

King Edward said to his maids.  He was proud of them and often times told the castles staff he appreciated their efforts.

Preparing themselves to what was going to happen next, Edward held his wifes hand, the children following behind them and they headed towards the throne room.