The sun arose and the sky was clear, not long after the King awoke and his maids helped with his adornments he stared at the sun shining through the rooms windows.

‘Such a beautiful morning’ he thought to himself.

Glancing at the maids who politely acknowledge that everything was fine with his clothing they started to make the bed and clean the room. 

Walking out of his chambers he made his way down to the dining area for breakfast.  

The hallway had many glass windows with murals painted on them showing his families accomplishments.

His ancestor subjugated the largest threat to ever appear in his country, married the princess and became the newest King. Thus, starting the family name Drachentöter

As he turned the corner he noticed his daughter and son preparing to descend the stairs, they gave their morning greetings.  He nodded to them with a loving smile.

There were two guards in their usual stance near the bottom of the stairs as he went down.   “Unusual”, the King said to himself the guards were wearing armor that he wasn’t familiar with.  Shining gold inlaid with silver looking etches and solid black padding.  “They must have received some  upgrades. how lovely.”  he muttered slightly.

As the King entered the dining room that could easily fit a small assembly, he noticed the usual four guards that watched over him wearing the same armor but thought nothing of it.

The maids were setting down his breakfast and they looked quite upset.  It seemed unpleasant.   The King then looked around to see his Wife, the Queen and his two children sitting straight up with their hands at their side not eating  and not saying a word.

“What’s the matter?,  is the food not to your liking?”  The King spoke loudly.

At that moment on the opposite side of the fourteen person table, two of the guards went to it and turned the chair around so it was facing the table.

In that chair was a rather handsome man robed in garments the likes he has never seen before, on top of his head was a crown shining of its gold splendor, bejeweled with colors that were never thought possible to find in jewels of his kingdom.

Furious over what is happening the King in the loudest voice possible exclaimed.  “How dare you, who are you?!”

It is at that time when the other two shining gold guards approached him and forcefully made him sit back down again.

“You are right.  Introductions are in order.  King Edward Drachentöter the 7th.”  The man at the end of the table in a very pleasing voice said.

“I am Emperor Morgan De’laise, your Emperor.,  Now kindly bow to me.”

“Even the thought!  Our lands have no Emperor you imposter!, GUARDS seize him! GUARDS!”

The guards didn’t move at all.

“Look out the window Edward.”  the person at the end of the table that proclaimed himself to be Emperor said casually as if they’re old friends.

The guards who forced him to sit backed off to their posts at the sides of the room and the King stood up and walked to the window.   The view is of the town, this particular section is where the Nobles have their mansions, it was quite the distance but the King could see clearly.

Every street, every rampart, every wall, there were the golden clad guards, or knights is what he thought in his mind.  There were so many they lined the sides of each street standing at attention facing towards the roads, one by one.  There were so many he couldn’t even fathom how many there were.


“Where is my army.. where are my men?  You came in the middle of the night and are here to take the crown.,  I understand, but leave my family alone, let them live and move to our estate and I will come quietly.”  The Kings eyes and shoulders started to droop lower.

“You misunderstand something, I am not here to take your Kingdom, it is by all rights yours.   In a way.”

“Then what?”

“I am the Emperor, the leader of all countries in this world.  You are my subordinate., while the Kingdom is yours it still falls under my jurisdiction as the Lord of all the lands.”

Resigned to his fate the King sat back down in his chair.

At the same moment the young man who is the Emperor stood up, with his back to the King the Emperor starts walking towards hall entrance of the dining area.

“Have your breakfast.   I’ll meet with you at the throne, there is much we need to discuss.”

Carefully trying to make out the face and figure of the Emperor; one thing caught the eyes of the King.   The ears.  The ears below the amazingly beautiful crown were taller then a humans and angled at the top like a point. .. an Elf.  .. but his build looked as a fighter would, strong, muscular with a tall frame.  Nothing like an Elf he has seen before.

As if the Emperor knew what the King was thinking he turned to him while walking out of the dining area and tipped his crown with a pleasant smile.