The Weapons Master is the leader of the Knights of Ca-dalen. He has no name, only a title. Names are given up upon taking that title, since the responsibility of the position requires no culture, no bias, no history, and no identity that can be used for or against any certain cause. Who he really is, and his past, are unknown- and that’s how it is for a lot of warriors at Ca-dalen. Your past is nobody”s business but your own, and asking about it can get you in very hot water.

The Weapons Master is the strong, silent type, given more to action than diplomacy or speech. He’s good with kids, despite totally not understanding them. His favorite weapon is a straight sword, his favorite color is winter sky blue. In his spare time, he plays the flute…when not killing things of course!

Webcomic: War of Winds

Author: Kez Warrior

Kez is an avid webcomicker and lover of fine teas. She produces two comics as well as a webcomic resource blog.