Jon is the resident tall dude/athlete with the mad hair and the simplistic way of thinking. While others perceive him as dumb or clueless, he is actually just plain innocent. He also has a strong unwitting grasp of physics and math which make him a great skateboarder and point guard of his high school basketball team. While the rest of the Assorted NUTS gang take pot shots at him for his ignorance or innocence, his best friend Nick, the resident neurotic artist, usually backs him up. Aside from sports, he enjoys video games, playing the drums and watching movies. Dependable and affectionate, he has become everyone’s younger brother in the Mayflower Manor.

Webcomic: Assorted NUTS!

Artist: Nick Barrameda

While not as a webcomic artist, is a freelance graphic artist/animator/web designer working on animated backgrounds for children”s musicals, miscellaneous websites and other stuff that he finds interesting. He has two rabbits, six cats and enjoys chasing chickens for exercise.