His earliest memory is fire. He remembers the heat from the flames, the sting of the smoke in his eyes, and the sounds of screaming people around him. That’s all he recalls of his life before his life with the ShadowHawk bandits. He was raised by a captive Zalite woman who had been given to a high-ranking bandit. She tried to escape with him, but was caught and killed on the spot. Since he had nothing to do with the escape, being only 6 years old at the time, he was placed with one of the few female bandits as she had a son his age. He and Jiken became fast friends, getting into all kinds of scrapes. He doesn’t like women; after the death of his first mother, he decided they weren’t to be trusted. As he grew up, he saw how most women were treated by the bandits and learned that they’d betray you if they got the chance. He likes to be alone, but also likes exploring with Jiken. He hates gruel and soup, but adores roasted chicken and venison. He’s not fond of wine and doesn’t like camping, berry picking (or any kind of food gathering). He can’t swim, so he doesn’t like bodies of water. He was caught trying to steal the Dragon Crown along with his best friend Jiken. Kal Sharash called him to be a Dragon Warrior and he was given the sacred gem that had belonged to the recently deceased Dragon Warrior named Shanye. He’s not too fond of women and avoids Mienna when it’s at all possible. He’s not too fond of Chounen either.

Webcomic: Children of the Tiger

Author: Melissa Stone

Melissa Stone is a largely stay at home mother of two children, a cat, and a dog. She spends most of her free time either working on various novels or on her comics. Her first comic Shards of Phaeton’ has been running for a little more than a year while her second ‘Children of the Tiger’ only came into existence in the summer of 2008. She substitute teaches at the local elementary school on occasion. The world of web comics is still very new to her and she’s still learning her way around things. Currently, she resides in Canada.