An orphaned Lepus, raised in Arcanus, which in itself makes her unusual. Partially trained in the Marucci academy she displays a talent for hand to hand combat. Brought up by the town blacksmith, she is also a skilled smith and mechanic. Her early experiments with clockwork allowed her to develop a fully functional replacement hand for a member of the city council.

Being raised in Fera society she tends toward being nervous and shy, although her races normal energy is displayed readily when she’s working on some thing new.

Webcomic: FERA

Artist/Writer: T III aka. David Shirley

David was born in South Tyneside, England- in the same hospital as Eric Idle… only much later (1986). Spent a huge amount of time as a child/teen studying classical mythology, playing video games/dungeons and dragons/MMO’s etc. until finally graduating from Northumbria University as a software engineer in 2008.

He’s been writing stories for as long as he can remember- from early imaginings of Martian Super Heroes, Sand-Zombie apocalypses, silly detective-noir comedies to what would later become FERA.

FERA began life as a short adventure story, written in a chemistry class in 2000, the world has expanded since then and in January 2009 the webcomic was launched.