Naomi’s past is shrouded in mystery, and her present stained in blood.  Her mother, Satsuki, was arrested by the Obsidian Guard after a pro-insurgent rally turned into a massive riot.  Satsuki has since disappeared.  Her father, Kazama Thorsson, was killed trying to defend Naomi from cruel Talon agents trying to take her.  The last family she has left, her grandfather, is currently regrouping his Consortium forces on a far-off planet, waiting for the right time to return and retake Anakronos and Earth for the people. All Naomi has right now is herself, and her Bad List.

The Bad List, a group of guerrilla insurgents, fight a seemingly never-ending battle against Laylah’s Obsidian Guard.  Naomi, going by the name “Violet”, leads them in their struggle to throw off Laylah’s oppression, and she also hopes that somehow, she will find some trace of her mother, and eventually redeem her father’s blood.

WebComic: obSidIaN: Laylah Triumphant
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Artist/Writer: Jaison L. Stefaniak

The artist and writer of “obSidIaN: Laylah Triumphant” and “Dragon Girl Noriko”, Jaison has been working in CGI since 2004, starting with Bryce 5 and since then broadening his knowledge to include programs such as Poser, DAZ Studio, Vue, Carrara, 3ds max, Hexagon, Cinema 4D, AutoCAD, Photoshop and a host of others.  J. is currently studying at Ivy Tech Community College in South Bend, Indiana, as a part of the Biotechnology program.  He hopes one day to work for either the Centers for Disease Control or Eli Lilly.

J. is a father of three young sons, and devotes as much time as he can to them.  In the small amount of free time he’s got, he likes to watch Battles B.C., Mythbusters, and a sprinkling of NCIS, in addition to making his story as outstanding as at all possible.