A rather sheltered intellectual who’s basically kind-hearted despite her upbringing, Ardra has awkward people skills, serious issues with her mother, and rather offbeat ideas about nearly everything. At the relatively young age of 19, Ardra decided to raise twin girls as a sort of ongoing behavioral experiment.  She went into the experiment not having much experience with any type of emotion, having been raised by a cold and unloving mother. But now, having children of her own, Ardra seems to be struggling to keep from “compromising the experiment” by letting her increasing maternal instincts come to the forefront.

WebComic:  Ardra

Artist:  Trevor V. Adams

TREVOR V. ADAMS  lived a pretty simple life. When he was a little kid, he loved paper and drawing. It kind of ran in the family with his brother and sister. He use to have a very active imagination and made sound effects and acted out the scenes while he drew, which made him kind of an odd man out. Eventually he really started taking an interest in art especially in cartooning.

Trevor’s parents signed him up for the Art Instruction School, where they would send him lessons and then he had to mail them back to be graded. That didn’t last long but he did learn a little bit from the experience. In high school he drew the school comic, Tyres, based on a boy his niece use to date and the hi-jinx of high school life.
Trevor went straight from high school to the Art Institute of Atlanta, originally majoring in Computer Animation and Multimedia. After an incident with the school and staffing for the program he switched my major to Graphic Design, since it was closer to the field he wanted to be in anyway. Trevor took a break from that and started working on LeastICouldDo.com, a webcomic by Ryan Sohmer. Trevor liked the comic but it just didn’t fit me personally so he moved on find ArdraComic.com, which fit him perfectly because he liked the subject and the positive message they the webcomic is trying to convey. With the help of the creator/writer Jason Dunstan and editor Fesworks, he continues to bring that message to all the readers.