Lana is a spy possessed of a brilliant mind, superb marksmanship, great athletic ability…and very little luck. Working for a top-secret agency (so secret that nobody even knows its name!), Lana risks her life and her sanity in defense of truth, justice, and a bunch of trivial, pointless stuff that the agency is always mixed up in.

WebComic: Spying with Lana

Author: Sean Harrington

SEAN HARRINGTON is a professional artist from Virginia. In addition to being a practitioner of the Dark Arts (working in advertising, that is) he illustrated children’s books and cartoons before co-founding Harrington Artwerkes, an art and design studio, in 2004. He has written and illustrated two graphic novels, The Bikini Commando Squad and Jack-in-the-Box Madness, and in 2008 began two new web comics, Spying with Lana and Outrageous Fortune.