Little is known as yet about this dark skinned warrior. She is the Captain of the bodyguards assigned to protect Princess Aldiara of Shanshiire. There seems to be more to the story than what she says, however. The scars she bears on her legs lend credence to her claims of a life spent in study of the varying forms of combat; her manners of speech also seem to indicate a rough life. Her appearance, however, would lead one to think that she is of a higher ranking family than she claims. After loosing her Princess to an ambush, she seems excessively determined to get her back, beyond what her duty would demand. She insists on journeying with the Princess” would-be rescuers and appears to have an agenda of her own.

WebComic: Children Of The Tiger

Author: Melissa Stone

Melissa Stone is a largely stay at home mother of two children, a cat, and a dog. She spends most of her free time either working on various novels or on her comics. Her first comic ”Shards of Phaeton” has been running for a little more than a year while her second ”Children of the Tiger” only came into existence in the summer of 2008. She substitute teaches at the local elementary school on occasion. The world of web comics is still very new to her and she”s still learning her way around things. Currently, she resides in Canada.