A whiz kid in her childhood, Cassie graduated high school two years earlier than her peers, and received her Master’s Degree in Physics from M.I.T. at the age of 21. She then returned to her native Texas to take a job as a nanotechnology engineer at a Dallas-area research & development firm. In 2005, she was experimenting with fabricating new elements when she discovered that one of the elements she created could travel through time. She then harnessed the power of this strange new element, and with the help of a gold pendant and a retooled cell phone, built her very own hand held time machine. With the push of a few buttons, the machine generates a “time window” that she can step through and enter any point in the past or the future. Cassie loves a good party and is known to lose her inhibitions every now and then. Her turn-ons include 1980”s pop culture, Renaissance-era lute music and guys in togas. Her turn-offs include iron-fist dictators, the plague and caveman breath.

WebComic: Times Like This

Artist: Thomas Overbeck

THOMAS OVERBECK was born in 1971 in Galveston, Texas, and spent most of his life putting pen, pencil and/or crayon to paper. Ever since he created Frederick The Fish in elementary school, Thomas always had aspirations of becoming a cartoonist, but real-life stuff always got in the way… until the fateful day of October 22, 2007, when he launched “Times Like This” upon the cyberspace. He currently lives just outside of Dallas with his wife, Kristi.