Paige was obsessed with becoming a ninja long before it went mainstream. Her unusual sword style, and mastery of the “Hasugi” sword technique has granted her the rank of “First Class, A Rank Shinobi”. Since being expelled from the Koga Ryu School of Ninjitsu for her refusal to kill an unarmed opponent, she has been attending the Kannon Institute for Art and Design. Although she is technically no longer a ninja, she is rarely seen without her sword.

WebComic: Kerslash

Artist: Ben Reynolds

BEN REYNOLDS has been drawing since he first picked up a pencil. When he was a youngster in elementary school, his mother sent him to Maryland Hall for drawing lessons so he would stop drawing all over his school work. When he was in high school, Ben Reynolds couldn’t draw girls very well. Now, nearly all the characters he draws are female. He feels that the only way to get better at drawing comics is by drawing comics, so he tries to draw as many as possible.