Yes that Eve, the Eve, wife of Adam and mother-of-mankind. She is curious, sweet and innocent and spends her days playing in the forest called Eden. That is until she runs across a man named Adam and she is thrust into a plot to change the future of mankind.

WebComic: Of Snakes and Apples

Artist: Denise Guinn

DENISE GUINN was born and raised in West Texas but moved to Tulsa OK in her late teens where she graduated cum laude from the Graphic Design program at Platt College. After moving around for a few years she finally settled back in West Texas in a small city called Lubbock where she currently works for a major US cable company. Denise is a relative newcomer to web comics and was first introduced to them through a link in a forum about five years ago. Hooked, she started thinking about starting her own and about two years ago she launched her first short-lived comic. After a few attempts she started “Of Snakes and Apples” in October of 2007 and soon after launched a second comic, “Stupidity in the Right Ear”. She is currently working on getting chapter one of “Of Snakes and Apples” ready for print. She is self taught.