Dana McAllen is the daughter of a university professor, an urban explorer, and an all around wild child. Living in the six thousand year old city of Erech, Dana spends most of her time getting into places she isn’t supposed to be in, or places that no one else knows anything about. She”s brash, flamboyant, and more than a little bit of a hedonist. Dana goes where she chooses, and she loves to take her friends along for the ride.

WebComic: Requiem

Artist: James Roden

JAMES RODEN is an artist/industrial designer who lives in the Midwestern United States. Eschewing traditional media, James does most of his work through computer generated imagery and constantly tries to push the boundary of what is possible on the design front. His main comic, Requiem has been running as a daily for over 4 years now, and shows no sign of slowing down.