First-born daughter of House Tzelan, Derrexi was never a proper noble lady. She Joined the order of Hawk Maidens early on, but a fatal error in judgment saw her expelled, for reasons still unrevealed. She then joined the infamous Obsidian Battalion where she matured both in character and skill, fighting demon spawn along some of the roughest and toughest the Empire had to offer. More sedate and responsible in her adult years, she was still surprised when the Empress herself tasked her to create a branch of the Hawk Maidens in the city of Beldatz. Full of doubts but not ready to settle down yet, Derrexi accepted and now finds herself in the middle of a hidden war between factions she has yet to identify before she confronts them, because she’s no one’s pawn.

WebComic: Nahast: Lands of Strife

Author: Alejandro “Al-X” Melchor

ALEX MELCHOR is a writer at heart and after a long line of jobs in different industries in different capacities, the best description for his trade would be “content developer”. Born in Mexico City, he relocated a couple of times (still inside Mexico) until finally settling back after earning a Communications Sciences degree. He approached web comics through his other great love: role playing, a hobby that has at times offered solace, amusement and even gainful employment as a staff and freelance writer. He learned to draw and use design programs on his own and has been doing Nahast for six years, and looking into doing more things with it.