Arlina Drakeclaw – Eladrin Warlock

Arlina was a typical Eladrin elf until fate turned against her and she was forced to leave her home in the Fay wilds to enter a human realm.  Fleeing for her life, she joined a band of adventures for protection from her pursuers.  Like all Fey Warlocks, she has a guiding spirit that allows her to channel magic; however, her spirit is more mischievous then most and can cause her to have mood swings at inopportune times.

WebComic: Dungeon Legacy

Author: George Ward

GEORGE WARD has been working as a full time artist for 5 years and has a certificate in Graphic design and a Diploma in Digital Animation.  He draws and paints in many different formats but prefers drawing digitally.  He has been creating web comics since March 2005, having finished Alternate Reality Worlds in the summer of 2008 and started a new webcomic, Dungeon Legacy in September 2008.