Introducing Flexible Headers, no longer need to set a specific height and width
Removed the max-width: 100% inside the style.css cause chrome doesn’t like it, wasn’t really necessary – you just have to make sure you set images to “large” size when adding them inside of posts.
Added new option(s) to disable the display of the “at time” in posts and enable the display of “last modified” date in the posts.
More cleanups in the comments.php output, including fixing a missing language translation string or two
Added a new options tab in the Easel Options for Menubar alone, with more Social icon’s for the menubar
Added display:block on #comic
New register sidebar function code that expands to allow translateable sidebar descriptions
added additional clear float inside the easel_get_sidebar function so that it encapsulates properly
fixed bug with the loop count on home page by removing the filter before each sidebar is displayed (then re-adding it after)


layout-head.php and layout-foot.php have 2 changes in each, they differ only in the fact instead of using get_sidebar(‘left’) and get_sidebar(‘right’) it utilizes the easel_get_sidebar() to function so that it will allow the bug fix for the home page to work properly, .. that bug fix is the ‘count’ of how many items get displayed in a loop ‘home blog post count’  was bleeding into the sidebars not allowing for those counts made in widgets to display properly.

So in your child themes, if you use the layout-head.php and layout-foot.php change the get_sidebar( to easel_get_sidebar( and you will be up to date.

– Phil