Found a bug, but it’s a simple one.

The Symptom:  The archive list of posts for categories or terms looks funkey and shows years and no other info with a weird title

The Cause: a template file in the theme’s directory is trying to be used instead of the main archive.php file which is supposed to be used, mainly when comic easel is being used in the comicpress theme

The archive templates that come with ComicPress when you’re using Comic Easel *with* ComicPress as a theme need adjusting their filenames.

The filenames in question are all of the files in the themes directory that start with archive-*.php  (the * means anything after that)  for exampl;e, the main culprit is archive-comic.php … archive.php is fine, it’s just the ones with the dash after it.

So to fix this, you basically just FTP into your theme directory for easel or comicpress and rename the template files to be template-archive-*.php  .. example archive-comic.php would turn into template-archive-comic.php and that would fix it from looking at archive-comic.php as the archive page for the comic post type

– Phil